Sunday, September 20, 2015

Question for pastor Mike Olive of the 'Common Ground' (no 's') church

What's your answer pastor (lower case intentional) Olive to this question posed by a self-described 'reporter' in Lake Worth who wrote this headline on February 20th:

"Is the City of Lake Worth cracking down on Christianity?": Yes or No? 

A reader of my blog had this interesting observation: if Lake Worth is "cracking down on Christianity" then why are so many voting locations in Lake Worth at churches and religion-friendly locations? Note the highlighted voting locations on a flyer from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections:
And now that I'm on the subject, what does pastor Olive think of Margaret Menge's 'news story' being picked up around the country with titles like:

"Lake Worth Florida is a God hating City":
And what of Kathleen Walter at Channel 12/WPEC and her headline with the words: "War On Religion?":
Now that our City has received this undeserved black eye it will be up to the rest of us to repair this damage done to our City's image and reputation. Lake Worth is one of the most open, accepting, and tolerant city's in the entire State of Florida—the City and its people don't deserve this, pastor Olive. You owe our City an apology.