Friday, December 11, 2015

[UPDATE] Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier: Another one of his precious myths debunked (more to come on this)

[UPDATE: Am waiting for more information and will post more on this matter on the Gulf Stream hotel re-zoning. In the meantime there is a very important point that must be hammered home. The re-zoning for the Gulf Stream hotel project at the City Commission on 12/8 was a quasi-judicial hearing. The commissioners, including Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy are acting in the capacity of judges.

Per state law in quasi-judicial hearings the judges (in this case the commissioners, mayor and vice mayor) have to hear the competent and substantial evidence. The evidence Maier and McVoy used to vote "No" was declared by the state to be "null and void" (the 'Heights vote' in March 2013).

The case can be made that both Maier and McVoy failed in their responsibility as judges and used 'evidence' that should not have been used to make their decision. So, are the 'No' votes by Maier and McVoy "null and void"?]

Tomorrow will have the video of Commissioner Maier from the City of Lake Worth's commission meeting on 12/8 vis-à-vis whether the Gulf Stream hotel will be renovated or has the potential date with the wrecking ball. He chose the latter along with Commissioner McVoy in a 3-2 vote.

Maier's contention is the "heights vote" on 3/12/13 was a landslide of momentous proportions and the "people" turned out in droves in support of a 45' height limit. That vote was declared "null and void" by the state legislature. It's not my point to get into the nitty-gritty here; that will be tomorrow.

But to the point, did the voters in Lake Worth overwhelmingly come out to keep the height limit at 45' in the downtown? Hardly.
1,291 Lake Worth voters said "Yes" to a 45' height limit next to the Gulf Stream hotel. The vote later was declared "null and void".
On November 26, 2012, 106 days earlier was the general election in Lake Worth. Jim Stafford ran against Commissioner McVoy for the District 2 commission seat. 

Jim Stafford lost that race. But he received 3,448 votes. That's 1,137 more votes than ALL THE VOTES CAST IN THE "HEIGHTS VOTE"!

The total votes cast in the Stafford/McVoy race was 8,156.
So, when someone tells you how spectacularly the turnout and the support for a 45' height limit next to the Gulf Stream hotel is, you can say to them, "you're lying".