Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The HQ for the "War on Jesus" is moving locations in the little City of Lake Worth

Now everything is starting to make sense. pastor (lower case intended) Olive of the 'Common Ground' (no 's') church is still fully engaged in the "War on Jesus" in Lake Worth. He's had plenty of opportunities to clarify his nonsensical ramblings but he's passed on every chance. So the 'War on Jesus' continues with him and his silly band of followers.

Here is a letter pastor Olive sent to an official here in the City:
Blacked out letter recipients name; if you want to contact the 'church' you can find that information easy enough on your own.
Here is a handout being passed out (no pun intended) in the community:
The 'Common Ground' church is now a "Recovery Church" having a church service in a bar. What kind of message does that send to the community? Especially to those in the recovery community? More on that later. Why is pastor Olive moving his flock? Here's why:
Here are three comforting images from the 'Common Ground' church:
pastor Olive's brief dance with fame on the national stage trashing our City. Fortunately, no other network in the country took the bait.
There was never a "War On Religion" in Lake Worth. The pastor never needed a "License To Pray". It was all a big joke.
"Man is at war with God"? Another comforting message from the 'Common Ground' church.