Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Where O Where Are the Challengers to the Elected in Lake Worth?

The challengers have been keeping a very low profile but that will end tonight. There is a debate tonight (1/6) at the Lake Worth Playhouse and you can read about that here. Here are the choices on election day, March 15th:
  • Mayor Pam Triolo is being challenged by Gary L. Antieau and Diane Jacques.
  • Vice Mayor and District One Commissioner Scott Maxwell is being challenged by the Anarchist Ryan J. Hartman.
  • District Three Commissioner Andy Amoroso is challenged by Frank McAlonan.
Unfortunately, won't be able to attend this evening with my trusty video camera but I'll get reports and share them on this blog. [UPDATE: Change of plans and I'll be able to attend the debate this evening.]

Of course, what everyone is interested in seeing is if Anarchist Ryan Hartman appears and if he tries to shed his Anarchist past and take on a mainstream, hipster look to get elected. Below is this Anarchist before the City Commission defending the rights of the homeless to sleep and perform other bodily functions in our City parks in front of your children and tourists:
Hopefully, homelessness and crime will be issues of debate tonight. Maybe the challengers Gary L. Antieau, Diane Jacques, and Frank McAlonan will comment on the efforts by the Anarchists to undermine PBSO and increase the homeless population in Lake Worth? Are they opposed or do they support these efforts in the City? You can't have it both ways.
A sign at a protest in Lake Worth. The Anarchists were very well represented.