Saturday, March 4, 2017

“Hmmm. I didn’t know the City can host a quinceañera at the Casino on the Beach.”

Can you schedule an anniversary party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet 16, or quinceañera at the Beach? Yes. You certainly can. Fill out a request for information using this link, contact Lauren Bennett at 561-533-7395, or by email:

Want to learn more about the City of Lake Worth? Can you spare a few moments a few days a week? That’s how long it takes to get news and more information straight from the source: The City of Lake Worth. Visit the main page of the City’s website (highlighted link in yellow, below).

Did you know the City of Lake Worth owns an electric utility. Surprised? It’s true. To learn more about our Electric Utility use this link for:
  • Emergencies (561-586-1695) and outages (1-877-454-4480).
  • To learn about “Light Up Lake Worth” use this link.
  • Look over the map for the Utility Service Area which includes the Palm Beach County (“Lantana”) Airport and other unincorporated areas, e.g., Palm Beach State College and John Prince Park.
  • Contact information for Customer Service and Electric Utility Director, staff, and much more.
Check out the City’s website a few days a week and you’ll be “plugged in” to what’s going on. And for events, exhibits, performances, and festivals (both new and ongoing) use this link.

Boat Tour along the Intracoastal.

Have you ever heard of the Palm Beach County Planning Congress? Learn more and consider becoming a member using this link. For example, here is an upcoming event:

When: Saturday, March 11th from 7:30 to noon.
Where: Sailfish Marina, 98 Lake Drive, Palm Beach Shores

The Planning Congress is chartering the Palm Beach Water Taxi, leaving from Sailfish Marina, for a tour of the Intracoastal. We will travel south towards downtown West Palm Beach, while hearing from Palm Beach County Environmental Analyst Jennifer Baez, as she discusses the County's efforts to improve water quality in the region.
     We will also be stopping at the newly redeveloped Riviera Beach Marina. This project, funded in part by the city CRA includes a new community building and amphitheater. Riviera Beach CRA Director Scott Evans will give a brief tour providing insight regarding the project's impact and future plans.

A light breakfast will be provided.
2.0 AICP credits.
Event is $30 for members. One additional guest for $35.

You may recall a very well-attended conference last year hosted by the Palm Beach County Planning Congress, City of West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, and the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC). Lake Worth’s Director of Community Sustainability, William Waters, gave a presentation about our little City:

Remember CBS12 TV news reporter Jonathan Beaton?

Every now and then will get a question like, “Whatever happened to that reporter who sounded like Orson Welles?” Jonathan Beaton is doing quite well. More on that below.

Beaton was once a radio broadcaster and if you’ve ever heard his voice you can understand why. He decided to transition to TV news and joined CBS12 in early 2015 I think. At the time that station was just plain terrible and reporting about Lake Worth was horrid for the most part. Remember the “Holy War” leading up to the 2015 March elections? No. Beaton had nothing to do with that nonsense.

Anyhow, later in 2015 Beaton cut loose with CBS12, read about that using this link. One of his last news segments was an excellent one on sober homes in Lake Worth (the link to this story at CBS12 no longer works). Here’s a screen grab from that segment:

One of Beaton’s final news segments was on the issue of sober homes, the subsequent neighborhood disruption and resulting crime in our City.

So where is Beaton now? He has his own PR firm called Inside Advantage PR and one of his specialties is media relations:

Inside Advantage PR works tirelessly to get our clients the press they deserve. Whether it’s through radio, television, magazines or nationally read newspapers we understand how media attention can positively affect your business. . . . In the fast paced 24/7 news cycle, you can’t afford not to have a savvy agency handling your media relations. “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” —Bill Gates

To contact Mr. Beaton use this link.

If you’ve been following some of the ‘news’ from CBS12 you can understand why his move to start his own PR firm was a good idea. And still, NBC5/WPTV remains the most accurate of all the TV news networks in Palm Beach County. You can say they remain “the 1 you really need to turn 2” for news about your community.

BREAKING: News about politics in City of Greenacres makes front page, local section, in Post print edition today!

Feast your eyes! Here’s the news about Greenacres that was actually published in today’s (3/4) print edition, on page B1, above the fold.

However, in the online edition of the story comes this correction:

A previous version of this story incorrectly said Jonathan Pearce was active in the county Republican Party and that he had resigned his council seat to run. He’s running as a “no party affiliation” candidate and is registered to vote as a Democrat. His resignation is effective after the election.

Before today, other than crime news or vehicle crashes, does anyone remember the last time there was any news in the Post print edition about politics in Greenacres? Kevin Thompson is the beat reporter for the cities of Lake Worth, Greenacres, and the Lake Worth Corridor. And did you know, by area and population, Greenacres is nearly the same size as Lake Worth? It’s true.

But of course, for reasons unknown, the focus in almost totally on the City of Lake Worth.

For example, each and every Monday is the Post’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE), a weekly print edition special report. That’s right. Each and every Monday about the little City of Lake Worth.
Remember this “IN FOCUS: LAKE WORTH” in the LWVVSMCPE? This RaceTrac isn’t in Lake Worth. It’s located in Palm Springs.

News from the City of Lake Worth:

“We are now accepting applications for special events held on public property for 2017. Applications will be reviewed by Special Events staff and if approved the event will be placed on our master calendar. Event promoters will be notified of approval status by phone or email. If your event is approved you will receive a confirmation letter detailing all items required and due dates. All applications will be reviewed and approved on a first come first serve basis. Only completed applications, including site maps and application fees will be reviewed.

For more information contact the Department of Leisure Services at 561-533-7395, Lauren Bennett, Special Events Manager (email:, or Emeric Jeancome, Assistant Event Coordinator (email:

City Press Release: Exotic Pest Plant Removal on March 18th.

For more information contact David McGrew, the City’s horticulturist at 561-586-1677; email:

General media/press inquiries contact Communications Specialist, Ben Kerr, at 561-586-1631; email: bkerr@lakeworth@org

Press Release dated March 3rd:

The Lake Worth City Tree Board will hold an Exotic Pest Plant Removal at the 17th Avenue North Natural Area (1759 17th Avenue North) on Saturday morning, March 18th, from 8:00 to 11:00.

[and. . .]

     The Lake Worth City Tree Board is a volunteer advisory board comprised of city residents appointed by the Mayor and City Commissioners. The Tree Board is one of a number of advisory boards, which assists the City Commission with policy. Members of the public are encouraged to attend Tree Board meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 in the City Hall Conference Room.

To learn more about volunteering your time use this link. The City’s Volunteer Coordinator is Silvina Donaldson, email:

BREAKING: The real BEACH plan, kept secret til now, finally exposed in our little City of Lake Worth.

No way! Not on my watch. Keep your HANDS OFF OUR BEACH in LDub! Don’t change a thing!

Are you a member of the SRS platoon? Did you take your sign down? Put that thing back out in the front yard! Hurry!

And don’t forget about the pool either. “We don’t care if its condemned and crumbling because its ours! HANDS OFF all you vultures trying to fix our old, broken stuff!”

Hope everyone had a good laugh and, once again, Thank You for visiting.

Small Business Loan Program by Lake Worth’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

“The CRA’s Small Business Loan program encourages new or existing businesses to locate or expand in our City’s downtown core. We welcome all for-profit businesses to apply and seek this funding. It is limited.
     Funding eligibility requirements for the loans include permanent working capital, equipment, acquisition, business expansion and bridge loans.
     Applicants who are eligible for the loan program may also receive Technical Assistance in marketing, management, finance and strategic planning.”

To learn more about this program contact the Lake Worth CRA:
  • Call 561-493-2550
  • Fax: 561-493-2549
  • Manager Marc Schlags, Business Development, email
To learn more about the history of our Lake Worth CRA use this link.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Joining a protest? Free Speech is your right. But always be vigilant. Why? “Anarchists use and take advantage of local citizens. . .”.

Many residents of Lake Worth will be familiar with one Anarchist in particular, one who tried to get elected to the City Commission in 2016:

“It’s time you guys know that we are no longer playing around . . . we are about to start striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by their selves . . . Happy F       The Police Day! Remember children. All Cops Are Bastards! Have a great day!”

Watching protests against President Trump is about as American as you can get: peacefully protesting Trump’s policies, administration priorities, and many remain angry believing Hillary Clinton was wronged, the election rigged. So far, protests in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach have ended up with no (or few) arrests, no one got hurt, and everyone went home. Peacefully.

However, any peaceful gathering or protest—no matter how well organized—can be hijacked with just a few well-placed troublemakers. I saw this first-hand in October 2014 when the local Anarchists from Everglades EarthFirst! joined a protest by the Guatemalan Maya Center (GMC) in Lake Worth.

The GMC members organized to address what they perceived were abuses by law enforcement in their neighborhood. But shortly prior to their arrival outside PBSO headquarters a group of Anarchists had already hijacked that public space and made it a protest against PBSO instead, not about any particular incident or incidents, just PBSO and law enforcement in general.

There was no violence that day but you could feel the energy and how things could have changed very quickly. Also got the feeling the media there that day probably wouldn’t have minded one bit.

An Anarchist at the GMC gathering with the sign, PBSO Deputies Are Worthless!Very charming, isnt it?

Following this event someone sent me this interesting information concerning protests in Durham, North Carolina. There were many other protests occurring around the nation at the time after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. The interesting thing about the Durham protests is the authorities laid the blame squarely on the Anarchists for the violence that followed:

     The report, released by [Durham] City Manager Thomas Bonfield, suggests the demonstrations were escalated due to the interference of anarchist groups known that have been involved in previous protests in the city.
     “Anarchists use and take advantage of local citizens that are upset about a current event,” the report said.
     The report points to an incident earlier this year when protesters marched in response of the death of Jesus Huerta, who died from a gunshot wound to his head while handcuffed in the backseat of a Durham police cruiser.
     “During the Huerta marches, anarchists surrounded themselves with local citizens during marches, then changed into all black clothing to disguise their identity to commit criminal acts in anonymity, finally returning to the crowd to discard the black clothing and masks,” the report said.

[and. . .]

     Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez said he has “no doubt” that anarchist groups are behind some of the recent protests.
     “Everything that I’ve gotten through intelligence and social media and information from other people points to that,” Lopez said. “I think it’s also reflected in some of the people that we’ve arrested who have been involved in a lot of anarchist-type situations before. And if you look at their social spots, you’ll see that what they’re talking about is anarchist movements.”

Let’s say a protest is organized in Lake Worth, or elsewhere, and you wish to join and demonstrate your displeasure. As you are demonstrating peacefully, a rock is tossed over your shoulder towards the police. You didn’t throw the rock. Some Anarchist did. But you don’t know that. The police don’t know who threw the rock either. That one rock could turn a peaceful protest into something altogether different.

So what should you do? If you join a protest be vigilant. Watch out for troublemakers. If you see something that doesn’t look right call 911 or look around for a deputy. For example, if you join a protest in Lake Worth:
If you see something suspicious, “Make the Call Y’all”.

My conversation with Mr. Buddy Tuppen. Does the name “Tuppen” sound familiar? It should.

UPDATE: Stay tuned for much more information about the Blueway Trail Coalition meeting earlier today in West Palm Beach. Many new and exciting ideas for this project going forward. Am happy to say there has been much public input and design changes being considered as well.

The woman speaking with Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso (black hat) is Kim DeLaney, PhD, from the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council.
One of many slides: “Conceptual Design Status Update, March 3rd, 2017”.

Hope you enjoy reading, “I had a very good conversation with Mr. Buddy Tuppen” (see below), a shortened version of a blog post from last year. To read the blog post in its entirety use this link. There have been many more developments (pardon the pun) concerning the Blueway Trail:
  • Last January 20th was a Blueway Trail Coalition meeting. Stay tuned for details about the meeting today (March 3rd).
  • Have you heard a rumor or were told something about the Blueway and want to verify the accuracy, Myth vs. FACT, use this link.
  • For more historical context about the C-51 Canal, S-155 Spillway structure, and how this all ties into the L-4 (Keller) Canal, “Chain of Lakes”, and the Intracoastal (Lake Worth Lagoon) use this link.
As always, Thank You for visiting. Without further ado:

I had a very good conversation with Mr. Buddy Tuppen. That would be Buddy Tuppen, the son of another Mr. Tuppen who founded Tuppen’s Marine and Tackle on Dixie Hwy. here in Lake Worth. It was an earlier conversation with Mr. Joseph “Jay” Fearnley at the Lake Worth Rotary that set all this in motion. To read about my conversation with Mr. Fearnley use this link.

The Blueway Trail project on the C-51 Canal between the city’s of Lake Worth and West Palm Beach has been getting a tremendous amount of attention on this blog and took an unexpected turn after speaking with Mr. Fearnley: the Blueway Trail in the context of history. There once was a marina on the C-51 Canal in Lake Worth. More on that below; first some images to put this in perspective:

Inside the hashed box: Spillway Park, C-51 Canal and the S-155 “Spillway” structure as it is today. To see this for yourself take Maryland Ave. off Federal Hwy in Lake Worth.

Note the change in orientation and C-51 Canal (on right). This image is from 1937. In the center you can see the early platted streets of what is now the College Park neighborhood in Lake Worth.

This image is from the 1950’s. Compare with the first image above. See the marina on the Lake Worth side of the C-51? How many businesses supported this marina? Motels? Restaurants? Fishing supply stores?

Buddy Tuppen is in his 80’s now. His family used to live on 15th Ave. North and would ride his bike with other kids to fish around what is now Spillway Park. Doing the math that must have been around the late 1940’s.

He remembers the era when the picture was taken (see image above from the 1950’s). This was south and east of the previous Dixie Hwy. bridge. You can see that on the aerial. He said there was also a “lock” so that boats could pass through. He said the land was owned either by the City or the County (Jay Fearnley said the City owned that land). He remembered boats in slips that were perpendicular with the dock which ran parallel to the shoreline of the C-51.

The marina was run by a fellow named Bill Murrelle. After the City or County made him leave he set up shop in Lantana and had a place called Murrelle Marine which is still in business today. Murrelle sold that business but it kept the same name. He has since passed after moving to Sebastian.

Buddy Tuppen went on to give more interesting history: his Grandfather bought the land where Tuppen’s Marine is today. The business began in either 1936 or 1937. His grandfather bought the land for past due taxes, about $38. Buddy said his Grandfather had to borrow the money from friends to make the purchase and wondered how he was going to pay it back.

Prior to being Tuppen’s Marine that lot had been a Ford dealership that was wiped out by the 1928 hurricane. The property sat idle after that hurricane until it was purchased by the Grandfather Tuppen’s in the mid 30’s.

Do you have any more history and/or pictures of this area along the C-51 Canal is Lake Worth? Please feel free to contact me: 561-308-0364; email:

The showroom “Grand Opening” at Tuppen’s in the 1950s. Its still there at 1006 N. Dixie Hwy.

Will another marina open up on the C-51 Canal? If so, customers will be heading to stores like Tuppen’s, eating at our restaurants, and looking for hotels. Just like it used to be in the little City of Lake Worth.

“Corrections & Clarifications” in The Palm Beach Post.

There are more corrections in the Post today (3/3), page A2, below the fold (as opposed to prominently displayed items “above the fold”). Don’t get the print edition? Too bad. Because corrections can only be read in the print edition of the Post and are not available for their online readers.

FYI. Some newspapers such as The New York Times have what’s called a “public editor” or an ombudsman to get the news correct for their readers. Below is what appeared in last Wednesday’s (3/1) Palm Beach Post. Is this really a “reporting error” of an error by the news editor?

Isn’t it the job of the news editor to verify information prior to publication?

Calling All Hipster Millennials: Come visit Lake Worth! We’re home to World Thrift and intellectual center of Apatharchism as well!

First some thoughts.

The blog post below titled, “Calling All Hipster Millennials. . .” is the most-viewed last year, a tongue-in-cheek look at the dwindling influence of Anarchists here in the City and the foolish belief Anarchy can fix problems like roads, potholes, and broken sidewalks.

If you happen to be a Millennial and/or a Hipster please take no offense, what you’ll read below is a satirical look at Anarchists who, after converting to Apatharchism, start smiling once again and happily contribute to making our City the best it can be. And it’s true. World Thrift (details below) is indeed an awesome store.

This blog began in 2006—last year was the best year ever for readership—topping 2M+ views. If one blog post stands out above all others over the last 11 years it’s this one. Why? Because it shows how far we’ve come as a City and how far we still have to go.

The City of Lake Worth has unpaved streets. Still. City ‘streets’ that were platted over 100 years ago.

Thank you for visiting this blog today.

Without further ado. . . Calling All Hipster Millennials!

Following wave after wave of good news coming from our little City of Lake Worth, the philosophy of Apatharchism has firmly taken hold here. Adherents include former 60’s-style Anarchists, Millennial-Anarchists, Anarch sympathizers, and affinity members once focused only on the bad news, doom and gloom, and the “Wolf at the Door” that never appeared.

Take for example the City’s bond referendum that passed overwhelmingly last November. Those few blocks of the City once occupied by Anarchists and inaccessible by pogo stick, skateboard, and unicycle will soon have new roads! Areas that already have LED street lighting, new water lines and fire hydrants, upgraded parks and Greenways is fomenting the Apatharchist rebellion. “The roads are new in Lake Worth”, the Anarchist holdouts will observe, not quite enthralled as living conditions improve all around them.

As far as all the other Millennials go, not quite enamored with the Anarchist lifestyle. . . “Calling All Hipster Millennials to Lake Worth, Florida!”

Are you a White Millennial Hipster looking for a place that’s “up and coming”? Do you want to stand out? Make yourself noticed? Be a Hipster here in LDub*! By definition a Hipster is White, born about 1980, and is attracted to up-and-coming cities: that’s Lake Worth, Florida!

Having World Thrift located here makes all the sense in the world now. The New Times rated World Thrift one of the best thrift stores ever:

[I]t remains the only place in town to score a vintage silk kimono, a $3.99 collection of mint-condition '70s-era teen magazines, a plethora of options for the next ugly Christmas sweater party, and a White House Black Market dress with the tags still on for ten bucks, all in one afternoon.

However, the looming question remains: are Hipsters really hip and why do they all seem to look alike? Or are they really raging non-conformists who have all conformed?

There are other options as well. You can take another path like the Anarchist Millennials:
Look closely at the written instructions on how and when to empty the poop bucket. And who knows, you might even catch an Anarchist musical while you’re in town.

*LDub, or L-Dub, is slang for “Lake Worth”. The ‘L’ is short for Lake” and ‘Dub’ is short for double-‘u as in the letter “W”, hence the term LDub. Used in a sentence: “Welcome to LDub dude!

Commissioner Maier Redux: Disparaging a private citizen and “throwing more red meat” to try and divide the City.

UPDATE: Scroll down for the video (highlighted link in yellow) to hear candidate Omari Hardy respond to Commissioner Maier for yourself. The blog post following is getting a lot of attention in this City—the video of Mr. Hardy will as well—especially so that Maier is supporting Comm. McVoy’s bid to be re-elected. Again. 

Back in March of 2015 then-citizen and soon-to-be-Commissioner Ryan Maier had bigger plans after getting elected with a lot of help from the press, editor(s), and riding the coattails of Commissioner McVoy (click on image to enlarge):

Maier and McVoy at their victory party with former commissioners Jo-Ann Golden and Cara Jennings. Later on things took a turn for the worse for Maier, e.g., his stance on public urination Downtown and in public parks.

Why “Redux”? Because this isn’t anything new. Commissioner Ryan Maier and his supporters assailed Adopt-A-Family and recently went on the attack against a Downtown Neighborhood Assoc. as well.

Maier’s latest “throwing of red meat”? Last week he went on the attack against a private citizen for speaking freely (videos below). This one particular woman thought Maier’s boycott of Mayor Pam Triolo’s State of the City Address was divisive and uncalled for.

Remember Adopt-A-Family’s program for needy homeowners and Maier’s suggestion it was a conspiracy to steal homes from residents? On Feb. 7th he went after a Downtown neighborhood assoc. because he didn’t like where they held meetings.

Why do this at all? Maier is not seeking re-election. He’s a lame duck. Why attack a citizen at his very last regular Commission meeting on Feb. 21st as an elected official? Whatever happened to public officials leaving the spotlight with a positive legacy and grace? Why go through all this?

Because there is a new breeze blowing through town and with it the politics of yesterday are being swept away. No better example of that was Mayor Pam Triolo’s State of the City Address on January 31st. However, two commissioners decided to turn a deaf ear to the mayor. Maier chose to boycott the event and Commissioner McVoy, PhD, was conspicuously absent as well.

On Feb. 7th at the Commission meeting a City resident at public comment was especially unhappy that Maier did not attend the State of the City Address: Watch this 1½ minute video to hear what she says.

Here we have a relatively new resident of the City thanking the City Commission, at least most of them, for listening to her about the prospect of a Wawa gas station near her home at North ‘A’ Street and 10th Ave. North. The developer decided not to pursue the project due to the zoning intricacies involved but also due to vocal opposition from neighbors such as this resident.

She reminded the City Commission there are a lot of challenges facing residents of this City and it is OK to discuss and express other ideas in order to find solutions. But to “boycott” a meeting such as the State of the City Address displayed a “lack of grace” towards the deliberative process of representative government

Commissioner Maier responded to this resident in a quite irresponsible way at the next Commission meeting on Feb. 21st. Maier chose to use his time to call out this resident and to try and explain why he didn’t attend the State of the City Address. He said they are all “equals” on the dais and he has “no earthly idea why we have something called the ‘Mayor’s State of the City Address.’ ”

Not mentioned in Maier’s comments is Mayor Triolo’s role as the ceremonial “leader” of the city. Maier referred to Lake Worth’s “weak Mayor” form of government; a city manager runs the day-to-day functions as an administrator. To watch the video of Maier use this link.

Maier’s feelings were hurt by the well-meaning comments of the resident cited above and referred to those comments as “abusive.” He pointed out up until the previous meeting when the resident made these comments (Feb. 7th) he had never met her before and she hadn’t reached out to him or contacted him. However, he had seen her emails regarding the Wawa “issue” she expressed much concern about. This residents’ emails were unanswered by Maier.

Maier acted like the onus was completely on this resident to present herself before him. He chose not to contact her and used his office as a barrier to communication. The bottom-line is this: Maier could have contacted this resident in any number of ways, on any issue, but he chose to use the Feb. 21st Commission meeting as a stage instead to try and discredit and disparage a resident of our City: Surprise! No one saw it coming!

Congratulations, Commissioner Maier. Both yourself and the few supporters you have left must be so proud.

Maier then went on to say how it would create the wrong impression attending Mayor Triolo’s State of the City Address because he did not agree with everything the mayor would say and about any plans and/or ideas proposed for the future. By then though, many weeks prior, Maier had already quit his race for re-election. Ironically, if he chose to run once again instead, Maier could have tried to shape the future he envisioned. Maybe some bitterness in hindsight?

Following Maier’s remarks candidate Omari Hardy, who is challenging Comm. McVoy, took to the public podium (to hear Mr. Hardy’s response use this link) and gave Commissioner Maier a civics lesson—dissent is deeply rooted in our representative democracy—but there were other ways Commissioner Maier could have expressed his dissent to a City resident at the Commission meeting on Feb. 21st, his final one.

Mr. Hardy asked Maier to retract his statement. Maier did not.

In conclusion: Commissioner Ryan Maier decided not to run for re-election. He made a very good decision. Our City deserves better.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Courtesy of this week’s Lake Worth Herald: Ballot for the election in Palm Springs.

Did you know that besides the little City of Lake Worth, other nearby cities are also having elections on March 14th?

They would be the cities of Greenacres, Atlantis, Boynton Beach, Lantana, West Palm Beach, and Palm Springs. Use this link to see all the candidates. Here are the choices in Palm Springs:
Douglas Gunther is the incumbent in City of Palm Springs.

Official Ballot (Boleta Oficial)
  • Village of Palm Springs: General Village Council Election (Elecciiones Generales del Consejo de la Comunidad de Palm Springs)
  • Palm Beach County, Florida (Condado de Palm Beach, Florida)
  • March 14, 2017 (14 de Marzo de 2017)

How to get a refund for unused visits to the City’s municipal pool at the Beach.

If you haven’t heard the news, the pool at the Beach is shut down for possibly many years to come due to structural and safety issues:

An alternative to Lake Worth’s pool (image above) is the County pool at Lake Lytal. A very well-maintained facility not very far away. News from the City: 

“To receive a refund, please bring your laminated pool pass to the Leisure Services Aquatics office located on the second floor of the Casino Building, above Mulligan’s. We will also need the address for where you would like your refund check sent. If it is easier to mail your pass, please send it to the address below.”
  • 10 S. Ocean Blvd., Lake Worth, FL 33460
  • 561-493-2538
  • Questions? Contact Lynn Sexton at Leisure Services.

Headline: “Solar Generation Now a Reality in Lake Worth”, news in this week’s Herald.

Please note. The “Ocean Current Generation research project” cited below is still being ignored in The Palm Beach Post, news that first broke on Feb. 13th and later reported in the Herald on Feb. 16th.

Below are two excerpts from The Lake Worth Herald datelined March 1st:

Situated on top of a closed landfill, the Lake Worth Solar Field is now ready to feed the local power grid with two megawatts of energy. The field is situated on five acres of the 26 acre landfill site, leaving room for expansion of the field to enable the potential of ten megawatts in the future.
     Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo said this solar field, and the City’s partnership with Florida Atlantic University on their Ocean Current Generation research project make it an exciting time to be in Lake Worth.
     There are a few other Florida cities who purchase solar energy but Lake Worth is the first municipality in the state to own and operate a solar field to generate part of its electricity needs.

[and. . .]

     If the solar farm is expanded to 10 megawatts, there will be enough energy to supply about 25 percent of the electricity needs in Lake Worth.

Pick up the Herald print edition (still ¢50!) at our City’s Downtown newsstand every Friday (600 Lake Ave.) located across the street from the PBC Cultural Council.

The City of “New Lake Worth”? “Lake Worth Beach”? “Jewell”?

How does changing the name of our City to “New Lake Worth” sound to you? The issue of changing the name of Lake Worth is nothing new. Remember Post reporter Willy Howard? He sat down with Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell to talk about changing the name of our City and the reasons why back in 2012. Read more about that below.

Historic sign at the Lake Worth Auditorium, which is now City Hall. Tourists and visitors saw this sign back in the day when driving south on Dixie Hwy (U.S. 1).

The idea of changing the name of Lake Worth comes up from time to time. Interest seems to spike after a sensational but false news story “in Lake Worth” that isn’t in the City of Lake Worth. There’s the always-stuff-happening at the Palm Beach State College “Lake Worth” campus that isn’t in Lake Worth—the college is located in unincorporated Palm Beach County, or called, “suburban Lake Worth”. Garlic Fest wasn’t “in Lake Worth” either.

John Prince Park is not in Lake Worth. Neither is the South Florida National Cemetery, the Lake Worth Tax Office, or the Lake Worth Swap Shop. And, no, there is no such thing as “western Lake Worth” when referring to anything outside the City. That new, and false, geographic designation is one of the latest from our friends in the news media.

Back in April of 2016 was part of a conversation/debate about changing the name of Lake Worth and learned there were other discussions, albeit quietly, about bringing this up again. Who was it that made the last major push to do this? It was none other than Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell. Below is an excerpt from a Willy Howard article in 2012:

     Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell is suggesting changing the city’s name to Lake Worth Beach to help distinguish Lake Worth from parts of unincorporated Palm Beach County that have Lake Worth mailing addresses. According to postal officials, places as far west as Wellington can use Lake Worth mailing addresses. [emphasis added]
     In a memo to the commission about the name change, Maxwell notes that crimes committed west of the city in unincorporated parts of Palm Beach County are sometimes reported by the media as happening in Lake Worth. Residents with Lake Worth mailing addresses who live west of the city mistakenly come to city hall seeking solutions to their problems.
     Maxwell said Lake Worth is distinctive, with its walkable downtown and beach, and that the new name would create an
instantly recognizable brand for the city.
     With the 100-year anniversary of the city next year and the opening of the renovated beach site and casino scheduled for this fall, he said, this is a good time to change the city
’s name.
‘The timing is just about right,’ Maxwell said. ‘It kind of gives us a renewed since of pride for the next 100 years.’ ”

A special report by reporter Michael Readling at the Post: “Midnight Sun Festival: by Finns, for everybody”.

Children under 4′ tall are FREE. Everyone else, including our City’s one and only iconic, respected, and adult little person, Mr. Greg Rice, will be charged $5 for admittance.

The festival begins this Friday. To read the entire article use this link. More from Michael Readling:

What: An annual festival organized by local Finnish-Americans to celebrate the traditions and heritage of Finland. Lake Worth [including unincorporated] has the highest concentration of people of Finnish descent than anywhere else in America, a history that goes back more than 100 years.
Where: Bryant Park, Lake Worth.
When: Friday, 3 to 9 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
What to Expect: Music by Finland Idol 2004 winner Hanna Pakarinen, and Finland Idol 2012 winner Diandra Flores, as well as several other local bands. There will be traditional Finnish food, as well as food from around the world. Guests can relax in the beer garden and kids will have a large play area in which to enjoy themselves.
Wife Carrying: The headline activity will be the Wife Carrying Contest, with the winner earning a trip to the World Championships in Finland. The contest is scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m.
Admission: $5, children under 4 feet tall are free.
For more information: Use this link or call 561-629-3194.

Please Take Heed: Buying illegal drugs in the City of Lake Worth is very dangerous. People are getting shot.

If you have no other options and absolutely need to purchase your heroin (or any illegal drugs) here in the City of Lake Worth, please protect yourself and call for a FREE security escort:
  • To schedule an escort: 561-688-3400
  • For immediate assistance: 561-586-1611
  • There is even a convenient Fax number to schedule a future escort (if you’re not in immediate need at the moment): 561-586-1763
Why would a security escort be a good idea? Consider this news in The Lake Worth Herald:

     On Tuesday . . . deputies responded to a 911 call in reference to a male having been shot in the parking lot of 2001 10th Avenue North, Lake Worth.

[and. . .]

     The investigation revealed that the victim was shot during a narcotics transaction. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-8477 (TIPS).

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spotted yesterday in Downtown Lake Worth:

Mr. Omari Hardy is challenging Comm. McVoy. Are you tired of all the false promises from McVoy? Like his promise to “pivot” and focus on “at-risk neighborhoods”?

What Commissioner Chris McVoy said about children, families, and “at-risk neighborhoods” at a City Commission meeting in May 2015 will surprise a lot of people. McVoy has a PhD. He reminds people all the time about that. He also is proud of his critical thinking skills as well.

But when McVoy’s critical thinking is most sorely needed he becomes the obstructionist instead. Following his re-election in 2015 this is what he said:

“It’s not an option for everybody to simply move. So we can’t walk away from things . . . I would like us to really focus on what are ways that we can change our neighborhoods, particularly the more at-risk ones in ways that people who continue to live in them, those kids growing up will do better.”

Back then we all welcomed McVoy’s “pivot” to this very important debate but in the 21+ months following his words from May of 2015 have not matched his actions.

Election day is just 13 days away, the day the public finally gets to be heard. Is it about time to pivot as a City and elect new representation for District 2?

SIXTEEN (16) DAYS LATER: Very big news from the little City of Lake Worth goes unreported, ignored in The Palm Beach Post.

On Feb. 13th news about the high-level meeting the previous day at the Casino was posted on this blog and on Feb. 16th reported in The Lake Worth Herald. Since then no reporter at the Post has shown any interest whatsoever informing the public in Palm Beach County about this:

The prospect of the City of Lake Worth becoming the research and development “epicenter” of Ocean Wave Energy Generation worldwide is a very real one:

Mayor Pam Triolo: “[W]e are no longer the ‘old’ Lake Worth.” Since this news first broke on Feb. 13th it’s gone unreported in the Post.* An excerpt from this blog:

“The topic of the Southeastern National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC) and the Dept. of Energy was discussed last night [Commission meeting, Feb. 21st] by Mayor Pam Triolo and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell. The reason why Maxwell missed the Commission meeting on February 7th was because he was in Washington, D.C. discussing this crucial topic with Federal officials.

How big is this news? Real big. County Commissioner Dave Kerner talked about this at his recent neighborhood meeting [Feb. 20th] in the City. When it’s great news about the City of Lake Worth and The Palm Beach Post is ignoring it you know it’s big (note: this news was reported in The Lake Worth Herald on Feb. 16th ).”

To read the entire blog post use this link.

*This is not unusual. The news about Commissioner Ryan Maier dropping out of his race for re-election on December 27th went unreported in the Post for 34 days.

Calling All Artists—Join a neighborhood renaissance “in the heart of Lake Worth, Florida”: the Arts Lofts of West Village.

Use this link to learn more. Developed by Neighborhood Renaissance, Inc. with cooperation of the Lake Worth CRA.

This is wonderful news about the northeast corner of Lucerne Ave. and North F Street across from the Armory Arts Annex beginning later this year. Some of the details:
  • Ground floor studio space with street visibility
  • Work/create: ground floor studio with street access
  • Live: light and bright open floor plan
  • Sleep: two bedrooms each with en suite baths
  • Park: garage with 1 tandem parking space
  • Conserve: built to certified Green building standards
  • Each home is individually owned, not a condo
“Join an established creative community. Located across the street from the Lake Worth Arts Center and the Urban Arts Lofts, a community of 12 similar homes. The location is highly walkable so get rid of the auto, save gas and walk to downtown (3 blocks), groceries (3 blocks) and Tri-Rail (1/2 mile). Ride your bike to the beach!

A reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee: Build it, sit back, then see what happens? What about the Herbert Hoover Dike?

Later in this blog post is an excerpt from a report by Lloyd’s of London, one of the most alarming things you’ll ever read if you live in south Florida.

For the PDF, copy & paste following words in italic, then Google search: The Herbert Hoover Dike: A Discussion of the Vulnerability of Lake Okeechobee to Levee Failure, Cause, Effect and the Future.

If you’ve been following the news such as this from Post reporter Susan Salisbury you know there is a lot, and growing, resistance to the idea of constructing a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to fix South Florida’s ‘plumbing’.* Here’s an excerpt from the article in the Post titled, “EAA Farmers [Everglades Agricultural Area farmers south of Lake Okeechobee], landowners to tell legislature: We do not want to sell”:

“We are not willing sellers,” said John L. Hundley, chairman of the board of the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, Belle Glade, and president of Hundley Farms. “Taking our farmlands out of production to pursue a plan that is not science-based will not fix the problems in the coastal estuaries. [emphasis added] Instead, taking fertile farmland will punish the thousands of hard-working farm families and farming businesses in our rural Everglades Agricultural Area.”

The one thing that’s important to remember is this: the idea to “Send the Water South!” into a reservoir is a theory. No one knows if it will work. Or not work. But the taxpayers will have to fork up billions of dollars to find out.

However, if the Herbert Hoover Dike surrounding Lake Okeechobee fails what will happen is not theoretical: a mass grave in West Palm Beach is proof of that (that mass grave, by the way, was only for Black people. The White people were buried in caskets somewhere else).

Now for the report from Lloyd’s of London on the Herbert Hoover Dike which technically no longer serves as a dike: 

“And this brings us to the key concern; the dyke is no longer being used solely as a levee to protect the area from flooding when storms are in the vicinity but also to hold a permanent reserve of water. The lake is being used as a reservoir and therefore the dyke is now operating as a dam. [emphasis added]
     This means that water is pushing against the dyke nearly all of the time and that the risk does not come solely from a hurricane event. The dyke must act like a normal reservoir, i.e. be able to safely store floodwaters without overtopping.
     The dyke was built from un-compacted earth, made up of naturally porous materials such as peat, gravel, sand and shell and is therefore prone to leaks.
     Since the construction of the dyke, the land outside of the dyke has been eroding, particularly on the south side of the lake.
     The Herbert Hoover Dike, when built, was never intended to be used in this way and it has only recently been designated to be a dam. The flood criterion for dams is far more stringent than that which it has previously been subject to and also to which it is currently able to meet.

Should the Herbert Hoover Dike be breached, or collapse anywhere, the result would be disastrous. Not just for people and the communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee, but for the environment as well.

And one more fact: There was another algae bloom along the Treasure Coast this year. There haven’t been any water releases from Lake Okeechobee into the Indian River Lagoon so far in 2017. How does one explain that? And. . .
For more “Myth vs. FACT” use this link.

*On August 2nd, 2016, in Resolution No. 38, an item by Lake Worth Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, referred to the “plumbing in South Florida” and supported the idea of building a reservoir. This became an embarrassment and the resolution was quickly and “ingloriously deleted”; the issue was never brought up again by McVoy. It should be noted that Belle Glade Mayor Wilson, Pahokee Mayor Babb, South Bay Mayor Kyles, nor Mayor Roland in Clewiston was ever given a courtesy call ahead of time about this resolution by McVoy seeking their thoughts on this topic.

Look Back to June 2013: Craig McInnis, the City Seal, and our 100th Anniversary at Bryant Park Bandshell

This one is my favorite. Note the cool shadow.

Learn more about the Lake Worth CRA, Director Joan Oliva, and $23M NSP2 Grant.

Do you remember when former commissioners, Cara Jennings was one, wouldn’t lift a finger to help the CRA acquire a $23 million grant? Continue reading to refresh your memory.

Enjoy the video (below) about the CRA’s NSP2 grant. You’ll recognize more than a few people if you were here in Lake Worth during that time. At one point, if you pay close attention, you’ll see a few campaign yard signs of people you might know, including a current city commissioner. About the video:

This video is one in a series of case study videos intended for NSP grantees and partners interested in learning about how other grantees are successfully implementing NSP. In Lake Worth, FL, the NSP2 consortium has taken a comprehensive approach in their stabilization efforts. Nonprofits and community leaders featured in this video demonstrate the keys to running their NSP program, including homebuyer counseling, home-purchase assistance, and connecting stabilization with broader economic development and revitalization initiatives such as the Cultural Renaissance Program.
Now, about all those people who thought the NSP2 was a bad idea. . . like former city commissioners who didn’t make the effort to apply for the grant. But the CRA did. Here is an excerpt from this blog:

Both the City and the CRA were eligible to apply for the funds. Leading up to the grant application’s deadline, it became apparent that the City administration (Susan Stanton was the city manager in September 2009) and the City Commission (which included Cara Jennings, JoAnn Golden, and Susan Mulvehill) had demonstrated no interest in assisting the CRA or applying for the grant money itself. Wanting to make sure Lake Worth didn’t miss out on this opportunity to address slum and blight in a big way the CRA went ahead and made the application itself, without any help from the City Commission at the time.”

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Question: For some, why is it so crucially important to keep a pool open at the Beach? At any cost?

Or is a pool at the Beach “a white elephant whose time has passed”? A City resident back in 2010 had some thoughts about the pool:

Another question: Would the kerfuffle about the pool just be a wedge issue (distraction) from other crucial issues, e.g., our crumbling streets and potholes? Something to think about.

Remember, to keep the pool open will require spending 2–4M+ of taxpayer money that could be used for sidewalks, potholes, and public safety.

Question: If it’s true a pool at the Beach is absolutely necessary then why did a previous administration in Lake Worth close it down in 2010 and put all their focus on a shiny new Casino right next door while ignoring the pool all along?

In 2010 the “precious pool” at the Beach was shut down. JoAnn Golden was a commissioner in the City then and so was current Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD. Our precious pool, you see, wasn’t making enough money to stay open!

Ironically, after the new majority was swept into office in 2012,* Commissioner McVoy and the former elected’s who closed the pool back in 2010 then said the pool was so important to the community it had to reopen, and stay open, at any cost.

What changed other than a new City Commission majority taking over in 2012? Which begs the question: If the pool was such a precious amenity why was it closed in 2010?

*The present City Commission majority swept into office in 2012 is Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and Commissioner Andy Amorsoso.