Tuesday, March 7, 2017

“SAVE OUR POOL!!!”, they all said on February 21st, 2017 about that “White Elephant”.

“There has been a lot of talk about turning Lake Worth’s liabilities back into assets . . . when it comes to the City Swimming Pool at the beach the Commissioners need to take a hard look at the economic realities of our pool and the national trend towards municipal aquatic parks.
     Stand alone ‘rectangular pools’ are a thing of the past . . . older municipal pools are being shut down, often replaced by aquatic parks that cater to whole families. No amount of ‘out of the box marketing’ can succeed in bringing people to a facility that is no longer viable in today’s recreation market.

Who said this and when? And who first came up with the words “White Elephant” about the pool?

Was it Wes Blackman or another blogger in Lake Worth you think? Take a few moments and read the quote above once again and then play the “Jeopardy Theme Song” if you need more time:
—Quote by the inimitable Tom McGow, from “Tom’s Page“, March 2010.

Almost 7 years later is it finally time to start a new conversation in our little City of Lake Worth? Or just keep on rehashing the same old arguments from yesteryear?

Below is another quote from Mr. McGow:

The Olympic sized pool at the beach is a white elephant whose time has passed.  Let’s view the entire beach property with 21st century eyes and stop clinging to the past and install features that will attract people and revenue.”

Pay special attention to the comments following the words by McGow in this blog post from people you may remember: Loretta Sharpe, Joanne Kelly, and the very first comment is from none other than The Obtuse Blogger (TOB) herself, making the case for hotels in our Downtown:

Question: Would the pool at the Beach be a distraction from other crucial issues, e.g., our crumbling streets and potholes? Something to think about.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, it's like "groundhog day". Can't believe you are still struggling with this!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

And if the pool is simply fixed again without changing it to attract today's customers, you all are quite insane.

Tom McGow

Anonymous said...

The same people that call themselves 'progressives' are the ones who want to fight to the death to keep this outdated relic of the past and waste more money fixing junk on an ongoing basis than it would be for a modern facility.

Those who argue for repairing the outdated facility show just how out of touch they are and how poor their analytical skills are. 20 people want the rest of the city to pay for what they want. The old argument that the pool is an amenity thereby it is ok to waste large sums of tax payer money is just plain stupid. How do these people figure out how to pay their bills each month with thinking like that?

McGow's comment above is right. It doesn't take more than a couple of brain cells to figure out that updating the facility to appeal to a broader group has much better potential to increase revenue to at least break even and provide a superior amenity to more people.

Russ said...

Care to calculate how much money was pissed away keeping the noisiest voices from total hysteria?

Fill it in and reconfigure the space as an extension of the upper parking lot, with lane provisions for commercial deliveries. Restaurant patrons will have an unrestricted ocean view again, and vendors will appreciate improved access.

The area is large enough to accommodate more green space as well. A huge improvement on the terrible land use plan forced on us by the BCE.

Now, about that unused second-floor...