Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SUCCESS! Finally in print: The Palm Beach Post reports Commissioner Maier is not seeking re-election. News that first broke 5 weeks ago.

Please Note: Use this link to see all the videos from the debate at the Playhouse last Monday night. Have you heard the term open seat? An open seat election is when the incumbent is not seeking re-election. District 4 Commissioner Ryan Maier has opted not to run again. However, for some obscure reason the Post has not reported on this until January 30th in the online edition and finally today, February 1st, in the print edition. 

In todays print edition of the Post, page B3, above the fold in the 2nd paragraph of a story titled, Commission candidates take the stage for forumtheres this line:
“. . . District 4 seat now held by Ryan Maier, who is not seeking another term.”
Why did it take so long? Following is a blog post from 2 weeks ago with the back-up information.

Can the Post be considered a reliable, trusted source for election news? Not just in the City of Lake Worth but in every city in the County covered by that newspaper? How hard would it be to do a short blurb with the headline, “City Commissioner Quits Race”?

But why won’t the Post report that Lake Worth Commissioner Maier dropped out of the race for re-election? Would you be curious enough to contact the Post beat reporter covering Lake Worth to find out why?

There have been five (5) Lake Worth “Special Monday” editions since this news first broke but no news about Maier? Then what’s the point of our City being featured every week?

Not one word in that “Paper of Record” about this news. Not one. Maier’s letter dropping out of the race in the Lake Worth District 4 race (see image below) is dated December 26th and recorded by the City on December 27th. The Supervisor of Elections (SOE) was contacted and Maier’s name was taken off the ballot (or should have been, one never knows with the PBC SOE).

On January 10th this agenda item came before the City Commission—the vote was unanimous—now it’s official, Commissioner Maier is out. Now ask yourself this question: “Why is this still going unreported in the Post?”

Maier wrote, “After much consideration I have decided not to run. . .”