Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sad to see you go Jonathan Beaton (former TV news reporter at CBS12/WPEC)

There was a sudden, huge spike in blog traffic this week for this blog post from last May, a news segment by Jonathan Beaton on sober homes in Lake Worth. Could it be because of the recent terrible news in the City? It is an odd coincidence.

Anyhow, Jonathan Beaton is no longer a reporter for WPEC. Not sure when his last day was. He had a rocky start in transition from radio to TV news. And it probably didn't help that he began working for WPEC—not what you'd call the "one to turn 2" when it comes to premier news reporting. But he hung in there and got better all the time doing real excellent news segments here in the City. I hope he took in jest my references to his 'Orson Welles' voice when he first began his TV reporting; remember jokingly being frightened by "The War of the Worlds" cadence he has. 

Mr. Beaton now has a PR firm in Orlando and if you wish you can contact him and wish him the best
An image from Jonathan Beaton's news segment on sober homes in Lake Worth. The segment was erased from the WPEC website. Too badit was an excellent news report.