Saturday, December 24, 2016

The City of Lake Worth is just one little City. But why does news between our City and the Village of Wellington get mostly ignored?

A month ago an extempore ad libitum poll was taken. The results are clear. Lake Worth is willing to give up our very very special status (see below) in The Palm Beach Post and share that space with our friends in Greenacres, Atlantis, Palm Springs, Lake Clarke Shores, suburban Lake Worth, and the Lake Worth Corridor as well that are regularly ignored by the Post. It’s also important to remember we never asked for that special status in the first place. Lake Worth discovered one day we were very, very special and it was never explained to us why.

Sort of takes the ‘air out of the balloon’ when you’re so very special and don’t know why, right? Well, anyhow. . .

The print edition of The Palm Beach Post’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE) is on Monday. Every Monday. Each and every Monday. Again and again and again and no one knows why. Do you live in Greenacres or Palm Springs? Need the phone number for the Lake Worth sewer department? Parks and recreation? Recycling and trash pickup? That’s right. You’ll find it every Monday in the Post.

It’s never been explained why the little City of Lake Worth is so special and cities like Greenacres and Palm Springs aren’t.
Every Monday the City of Lake Worth is highlighted along with much larger cities. Greenacres is a little city too? So is Palm Springs. Why can’t those cities be special every now and then?

If you’ve been paying attention, read this blog, or get The Lake Worth Herald you have a real good idea what’s going on in Lake Worth. But imagine you live in Greenacres and have been trying everything to get the attention of their beat reporter. You grab that morning’s paper and it’s the LWVVSMCPE again. Really? This question is certainly being pondered by residents, City governments, and politicians in Greenacres, Palm Springs, Atlantis, and other cities. But now imagine you’re an official in Lake Worth (either elected or not) and you find this City the focus, or target if you will, of the County’s paper of record.

The logical question is “Why?”, right? That’s never been explained. Does Lake Worth deserve all this attention?

Six square miles. Six. 6. That’s the size of the City of Lake Worth. Palm Beach County is 2,386 square miles. Lake Worth is 0.25% of that. Lake Worth’s percentage of the County population? 0.0026. That’s it. However, if you’re a regular reader of the Post you’d think this City is a much bigger player on the stage. It’s not. We’re a blip compared to our neighbor to the north, West Palm Beach.

However, each and every week Lake Worth gets special attention along with 5 other cities and you have to wonder why (square miles/population from Wikipedia):
  • Lake Worth 6/35,000
  • West Palm Beach 58/100,000
  • Boynton Beach 16/68,000
  • Jupiter 21/61,000
  • Wellington 45/62,000
  • Palm Beach Gardens 55/49,000
Why the Post has decided to focus so much attention on this City is anyone’s guess. This is a disservice to the news reading public, especially to all those communities west of this City who get ignored for the most part.

Do you live in Greenacres? Palm Springs? The Lake Worth Corridor? Have news you would like to see published in the Post? There’s always next year. Keep the faith.