Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another reason why you shouldn’t get your news from either CBS12 (WPEC) or ABC25 (WPBF)

Reporter Jillian Brynne at CBS12 and an unidentified reporter at ABC25 both got the news wrong about where samples of e. coli in the drinking water were found. THIS DID NOT OCCUR IN LAKE WORTH. However, Alyssa Hyman at NBC5 (WPTV) accurately identified the correct location: Lake Osborne Estates outside the City limits of Lake Worth.

That’s why I encourage my readers to watch WPTV. They’re not perfect. They make mistakes too vis-à-vis events “in Lake Worth” but they take much more effort to get the story right than either CBS12 and ABC25 does.

Read the facts for yourself from this Press Release: 

This affects LAKE OSBORNE residents that utilize US Water Services ONLY. For more information please contact US Water Services at 866-753-8292, ext. 207. This IS NOT within the jurisdiction of the City of Lake Worth.

A Press Release follows from Timothy Sloan, Lake Worths Water Plant Manager: 561-586-1710; email: 

The Lake Osborne drinking water system (aka US Water Services) purchases their drinking water from the City of Lake Worth. A water line repair was made last week by US Water Services in the Lake Osborne Subdivision (a consecutive water system of the City of Lake Worth). Following the repair, bacteriological samples were collected and the samples tested positive for the E. coli bacteria. US Water is collecting additional samples to determine the extent of the problem. Although the Lake Osborne water infrastructure system is not within Lake Worth jurisdiction, the City, in the utmost of caution, wishes to inform its end-users of this issue. US Water Services will be informing their customers via public outreach.
     The City of Lake Worth Water Utilitys constant goal is to provide safe and dependable drinking water. Lake Worth monitors the drinking water well field and distribution system routinely throughout the month. All bacteriological samples have tested absent this month, including the most recent bacteriological samples collected on November 11, 2016. The City of Lake Worth will inform our customers of any change in water quality.