Monday, November 23, 2015

Humorous: The far-right loved Commissioner Amoroso. . .until they found out he was gay and not particularly religious

The video below is one of the humorous parts from the invocation/prayer debate at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting on Nov. 10th. In previous blog posts examined City Attorney Glen Torcivia's explanation of a SCOTUS case on this issue of prayers prior to meetings and City Manager Michael Bornstein getting everyone prepared for the firestorm "that will happen again":
Read about Preston "I'm an Atheist!" Smith and the other opportunistic clowns that come out of woodwork during the holiday season in Lake Worth.
Commissioner Andy Amoroso wasn't interested in watching or listening to the insulting atheist Preston "I'm an Atheist!" Smith and he walked out of the city commission chambers last December. You might have heard a thing or two about that.

Anyhow, the far-right loved Commissioner Amoroso and sent him hundreds of emails lauding him for doing what he did. Then a funny thing happened: they found out he was gay and not very religious also. Then the folks on the far-right hated him. And then there was the matter of the 'Common Ground' church and their silly "War on Religion". Trust me when I tell you it was all very entertaining. Someone should seriously consider pitching this to HBO or Larry David; it would make for a hilarious comedy. 

Back to the video:
  • From the 30 second mark to the 1:30 mark is Commissioner Amoroso's remarks.
  • From 1:30 to the 6:30 mark you can skip over—more unsophisticated nonsense from Commissioner Maier—he tried repeatedly to plant the seed someone was denied the chance to give an invocation.
  • At the 6:30 mark Maier asks a question and Amoroso answers him: "social media". 
Enjoy the video: