Monday, November 23, 2015

Everything you need to know about Brightline (formerly All Aboard Florida) so far

Chris Joseph at the Broward/Palm Beach New Times has a real good summary of what's known so far about the Brightline service starting in 2017. However, before you get to that there's always the obligatory complaints that have to get addressed which don't matter any more. You've all heard them before ad nauseam.

When you see an article about All Aboard Florida or Brightline you can spare yourself and skip the first three paragraphs. Here is an excerpt on what to expect from the new passenger rail service:
How long will it take to get from Miami to Fort Lauderdale?
All Aboard Florida says it will take less than 30 minutes to get to Fort Lauderdale from Miami. It takes about 45 minutes in a car, give or take traffic.
How long will it take to get from Miami to West Palm Beach?
Under 60 minutes, according to All Aboard Florida.
How long will it take to get to Orlando?
The trains travel at 125 mph. A trip from Miami to Orlando would take about three hours.
How much will this cost me?
Travelers will have the option to book Smart or Select seating, All Aboard Florida says. The company has yet to announce an official price tier, but back in May, the South Florida Business Journal reported that prices will range between $11 for a one-way ride between Miami and Fort Lauderdale to $143 for a business-class seat.
Brightline has a new and very cool website you should check out.