Sunday, November 22, 2015

Information to pass on to the homeless in Lake Worth* (cannot vouch for its accuracy)

[*NOTE: This is a re-post as a public service. If you see a homeless person and they look like they're going to take a nap in one of our parks or in the doorway of a local business/restaurant, pass on this important information below. It would be preferable if the people who claim to care so much would take the homeless to their home or apartment but apparently that's an inconvenience they'd rather burden the public with. They're too busy trying to get their friends elected and tactically force the City into a big, juicy lawsuit. And the same people like to tease the public here in the City with news like this. Take note of the information below and as always Thank You for visiting my blog, Wes.]

Dear Wes, when I see a homeless person that needs help I tell them to ask a PBSO deputy where to go, go to a church, or look for a house with a red and white sign that says "Hands off our beach". It's a secret symbol that really means the homeowner will offer them sanctuary. Spread the word.
Note: There are two versions of the 'sanctuary' sign for the homeless. Both have a solid red background with boldface white (sans serif) lettering such as the ones shown above. And on an entirely different topic: