Friday, November 27, 2015

The "pitch" from the Post about the Gulf Stream Hotel and about a land use/zoning attorney "making her best pitch"

Below is an excerpt from Kevin Thompson's article that will likely appear in tomorrow's print edition of the Post:
     Recently at the city’s Historic Resources Preservation Board meeting, Bonnie Miskel, a land-use and zoning attorney [emphasis added] working with developer Hudson Holdings, was making her best pitch as to why the board should approve a key zoning change to allow the $60 million Gulfstream Hotel site restoration project to inch forward.
     Miskel spoke in a language all board members — and city officials — understand: dollars and cents.
     Eight percent of Florida’s economy, Miskel cited from a state website, is based on tourism, a $67 billion industry.
     “And not one of those dollars,” Miskel told the seven-member board at its Nov. 18 meeting, “is coming to this city. This hotel will tap into that and Lake Worth will get a piece of that pie.”
When Drew Martin promotes something about the Everglades or the environment has The Palm Beach Post ever referred to it as a "pitch"? I don't know but it might be an interesting research assignment. Or when Lake Worth Commissioner McVoy tries to sell his idea about whether a developer should install fencing or a hedge, did he make a "pitch"? Is the daily editorial in the Post pushing their opinions a pitch?

The word pitch is an interesting word and conjures up thoughts of that Kirby vacuum salesman you might remember from years back. The best I can tell is the word pitch used in the context of a presentation such as the one by Bonnie Miskel at the Lake Worth Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) on November 18th is actually slang. Here is what you find at
Slang definitions & phrases for pitch
A hawker's or street vendor's place of business; High Pitch, Low Pitch (1849+)
The sales talk or spiel of a hawker : He recited a part of his pitch/other gifts to prospective brides, along with a pitch to honeymoon at Holiday Inns (1876+)
And who can ever forget this pitch:
Here is the link to the City's agendas and minutes. If you scroll down you'll find the HRPB's agenda and video of the meeting. Starting at the 36 minute mark Bonnie Miskel, a land use and zoning attorney begins her presentation which I'm sure, if the Gulfstream Hotel and property are of interest to you, will find very interesting and informative.

It was a good pitch by Bonnie Miskel: the vote was unanimous to approve the changes sought by the property owner.