Monday, November 23, 2015

Controlling the message: The family of Corey Jones, his tragic death, and a legacy of change

It didn't take long for some in Palm Beach County to try and steal the message from the family of Corey Jones. There have been news articles about the concern some have that the family's wishes aren't being respected. Below is one such person that pulled this stunt at a rally to bring attention to his death:
The family has been very clear: they want the legacy of Corey Jones to be about his life and the flaws that brought about his deathat that they are doing a spectacular job. For instance, many people who were unconvinced about body cameras for police are taking a new look at this issue and much of that is because of what happened in Palm Beach Gardens. 

It's a message that's getting through and Corey Jones' family deserves a lot of credit.