Sunday, November 22, 2015

Does Commissioner McVoy take cues from a 1944 CIA handbook?

From Slate comes this article entitled: "The CIA’s WWII Guide to Creating Organizational Dysfunction Perfectly Describes Your Toxic Workplace." It was designed to be a guide about how to act or perform when your country is under occupation. Essentially, how to make it look like you were busy, but you were actually doing your best to make sure productivity was nil. It was a strategy on how to make sure things get done or, better yet, never get done. "Horizontal decision-making" comes to mind does it not?

There is one page of the manual I will share here. It is difficult not to see the resemblance of some of Commissioner McVoy's "methods" to control outcomes. Those old enough to remember will recall former Commissioner Jennings using similar tactics. The guide dates from 1944 and is called "Simple Sabotage Field Manual." Click here for the entire document.
Obviously well practiced is he. You can substitute the word "patriotic" to the word "green", "sustainability", "sea level rise" or "global warming." Meanwhile his constituents continue to live on streets that don't have enough lighting and not enough fire hydrants. Sad.