Saturday, November 28, 2015

"Point of View" in the Post today: Benefits from investment in biomedical research

It's just a coincidence this Point of View appeared in The Palm Beach Post today (11/28), being that the "Week of Resistance" by EEF! just began yesterday in Palm Beach Gardens protesting biomedical research. No one wants to get them any more excited than they are already. Your last chance to register for the Week of Resistance ended yesterday (11/27), but you can still check out the protest activities and stop by the mall for some Christmas shopping in PBG:
     Everglades Earth First! [EEF!] is excited to host a Week of Resistance starting Friday, November 27th ending with a mass demonstration organized by the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition on Saturday, December 5th.
Here is the Point of View by Laura Niedernhofer, an associate professor in the Department of Metabolism and Aging at The Scripps Florida Research Institute; an excerpt:
     Adjusted for inflation, the NIH budget has declined by more than 25 percent in the past decade. The huge decrease has slowed the pace of discoveries that will allow people to enjoy healthier lives.
     The United States was once the world leader in funding biomedical research. But today, other nations are investing far more. In fact, many of our top scientists are being recruited by nations that are making biomedical research a priority. We are allowing other countries to surpass us within the next 10 years.
     This decline in funding comes at a time when the U.S. faces its largest-ever population of individuals over 65 years. More than 75 percent of Americans will have at least two chronic diseases, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer, as they age.
In case you missed the article in the Shiny Sheet (aka, the Palm Beach Daily News), there is other recent news about Scripps here in Palm Beach County.