Monday, November 23, 2015

"Show Up!" Maier and who is bringing homeless people into Bryant Park? Public comment at Lake Worth City Commission meeting

[This is a re-post and a timely, very relevant one at that. . .]

Below is a video from a City Commission meeting on October 20th, the public comment portion. Two comments stand out: Commissioner Ryan Maier is not attending important neighborhood meetings and a disturbing revelation about the homeless situation at our Bryant Park.

First about Maier at the 1:40–3:30 mark: A resident and others of the South Palm Park Neighborhood Association are upset about Maier's absence from important neighborhood meetings. There are critical issues in that community and Maier never attends. Many residents there don't even know who represents them on the dais. Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell attended their last meeting to address the concerns of the residents. At the end the speaker at the podium says to Maier, "Show Up!"

Now about disturbing information from a resident who lives near Bryant Park at the 10:40–11:50 mark: A resident comments about a "certain person" who has been bringing homeless people to the park and dropping them off. (Are they being picked up at John Prince Park?) Our PBSO is complimented on "working very hard" to protect the neighbors and property but they can't be everywhere. A package was stolen along with some items such as grills. Note that Bryant Park is also in Ryan Maier's district. 

Some are convinced at least one or more former city commissioners are trying to force the city into a high-dollar lawsuit involving the homeless. Time will tell. There is information though that might give that theory some credibility: