Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PBSO merge in Greenacres, homicides NOT in Lake Worth, and why you should ignore the Post editorial board about PBSO and Sheriff Bradshaw

Below are two new articles in The Palm Beach Post digital edition and the second one is in print today (11/24), front page Local section, above the fold. Here are two excerpts from Kevin Thompson's article about the PBSO merge with the Greenacres police department:
     “We’re on track for a Feb. 1 takeoff,” Murray [Capt. Sean Murray] said at this past week’s city council meeting.
     Training will start after Thanksgiving as officers begin riding with PBSO deputies for two weeks. Training will be extended for those officers who need it, Murray said.
     The sheriff’s office is almost finished conducting career counseling sessions, a practice Murray said PBSO will recommend for future mergers.
[emphasis added]
[and. . .]
     The sheriff’s office will also concentrate on curbing crime at Walmart and Target and on such quality of life issues as people walking in the city with open alcohol cans and bottles.
     “We’ll make it clear our presence is known,” Murray said.
Following is this article titled, "Homicide toll jumps with 8 in 8 days" by Julius Whigham II and Lulu Ramadan. Here is the first paragraph:
     Monday’s disclosure of a murder-suicide in Wellington on Saturday brought the recent rash of homicides in Palm Beach County to eight in eight days, the county’s deadliest such stretch since at least 2009.
Here is where the 8 homicides occurred:
  • Wellington (1)
  • Belle Glade (1)
  • Palm Beach Gardens (1)
  • Boynton Beach (1)
  • West Palm Beach (2)
  • Greenacres (2)
The PBSO haters in Lake Worth will be disappointed to learn that Lake Worth did not make the list. Two of the eight homicides listed above occurred in municipalities patrolled by PBSO. Two. Despite the fact PBSO covers most of Palm Beach County.

It's late November and it won't be long now before The Palm Beach Post editorial board and their useful allies go into attack mode (again) against PBSO and Sheriff Bradshaw. (If you didn't know, Sheriff Bradshaw is up for re-election next year.) A recent tragedy in Palm Beach Gardens put that on hold. Remember though, it's not personal, it's just politics.
A sign at a protest against PBSO in Lake Worth. Charming, isn't it? Read here why the Lake Worth PD merged with PBSO in 2009.