Thursday, November 19, 2015

City Manager in Lake Worth, FL, Michael Bornstein: Prepare for the firestorm "that will happen again"

Will the TV news crews and fringe media be back in Lake Worth this holiday season trashing our City? Absolutely. No doubt about it. As City Manager Michael Bornstein explains in the video below, Lake Worth is the "poster child" now for all the fringe agendas, both far left and far right in this country on the role of religion: the Christian Right, Fox News, satanists, etc. You all know who they are.
The Obtuse Blogger (TOB) is all excited about the return of the insulting atheist: Preston Smith.
Don't take all this nonsense personally. Lake Worth doesn't matter. These people couldn't care less about the City OR its people. It's only the agenda that matters.

I will be posting a series of videos you can also see on my YouTube channel. The videos are from the November 10th City Commission meeting about the invocation issue that was on the agenda. I think you be "enlightened" by some of what you see and hear on these videos. One of the funnier ones is when Commissioner Andy Amoroso found out he was the 'poster child' for the far right until they found out he was gay and not particularly religious. Then they 'pivoted' and hated him. Hate and love can be changed like a switch on the wall: especially when it's the agenda at stake.

Enjoy this video as the city manager let's everyone know what to expect this Holiday Season in Lake Worth:

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all!