Monday, December 10, 2018

The Explainer. What is happening at Lake Worth City Hall tomorrow.

As to the question some are wondering:

Is the Lake Worth City Commission changing the name of the City tomorrow?

The answer is. . .


Tomorrow evening (Thurs., Dec. 13th at 6:00) is a Special Commission meeting. At that public meeting, on renaming the City of Lake Worth to become the “City of Lake Worth Beach”, the Commission will be voting to send this question to the PBC Supervisor of Elections.

Also will be setting of the ballot for sale of public property at 501 Lake Ave. in the Downtown and setting the ballot for the candidates in the District 2 and District 4 races for which the Qualifying Period ends tomorrow at noon.

Then soon afterwards, as early as tomorrow afternoon, the public agenda for the public meeting on Thursday will be made public. Stay tuned as they say. . .

And then. . .

On March 12th, 2019 . . .

Hope that clears things up. And by the way, each vote taken thus far by the City Commission has been unanimous to give the public the choice to decide the referendum question about the “BEACH” and becoming “Lake Worth Beach”.

Of course, as is almost always the case, some will come out on Thursday and proclaim, “I have a better idea!” To which you can then ask, “Where have you been all these years?”

And ignore all the open-ended questions, polls on Facebook, and those portending doom and gloom and the Fall of Western Civilization.

Election day is eighty-nine days away. Plenty of time to educate yourself about the issues and the candidates.

As far as the press and news media goes, the go-to news source for this important topic is reporter Andrew Lofholm at NBC5/WPTV. Lofholm has done several news segments on this topic. For example, click on this link for one of those recent news segments.

On the heels of WPTV’s news reporting about “Lake Worth Beach” Frank Cerabino, the pundit at The Palm Beach Post, finally chimed in and penned a muddled piece that was missing many important facts. For more about that click on this link.

And then. . .

Last week Andrea Marvin at CBS12/WPEC really did an excellent news segment on this very important public policy debate. 

The City of Lake Worth will be getting information out to the public about “Lake Worth Beach” and most, if not all of your questions and concerns will be addressed.

Stay tuned, as they say.