Thursday, December 13, 2018

Please behave tonight at City Hall.

And at public comment tonight please be nice and respectful to the Chair, Mayor Pam Triolo.

Below is a video from journalist Andrea Marvin at CBS12 which sums up quite well what is going on.

Tonight at City Hall, 6:00, is a scheduled Special Commission meeting. This is a public meeting to set the ballot for March 12th, 2019. The candidates for Districts 2 and 4 will be formally announced and the two referenda will be officially sent to the County Supervisor of Elections.

[Also worth noting: Today at 5:30 the Tree Board meets in the City Hall conference room. Click on this link to learn more.]

And from Andrea Marvin comes this from last week:

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (CBS12) — Changing the City of Lake Worth’s name to the ‘City of Lake Worth Beach’.

It’s a move leaders are ready to make after city commissioners voted unanimously [at regular Commission meeting, Dec. 4th] on the change. But in the end, it’s up to voters.

“But in the end, it’s
up to voters.”

Everyone should understand. Even Weetha Peebull.

To read the entire text of the CBS12 (WPEC) news segment click on this link. The video produced is at the end of this blog post.

Just to be clear. Tonight at 6:00 is a scheduled Special Commission meeting to set the ballot for March 12th, 2019.

And just on schedule a really dumb Letter to the Editor got published in The Palm Beach Post. Do not get upset. This is completely normal. The editor(s) at the Post typically publish stupid letters ahead of big news, e.g., the City Commission this evening sending the referendum about “Lake Worth Beach” to the Supervisor of Elections.

Expect a lot more silly letters to get published in the Post up until March 12th, 2019, when this referendum question is decided by the voters.

Also it needs to be noted it was Andrew Lofholm at NBC5 (WPTV) who first broke this story last month about renaming this City to become “Lake Worth Beach”. For Lofholm’s most recent news report from last Tuesday evening at City Hall click on this link.

But there remains a small group, an element who are still claiming that renaming this City is ‘silly’ and asking one open-ended question after another. Others are claiming the City’s borders will change. Nonsense. Claims the City will be constructing walls. Crazy nonsense. And others are suddenly coming up with ‘better ideas’, many years after this debate began.

As stated many times before, changing the name of our City of Lake Worth to “Lake Worth Beach” is not ‘silly’. It is a very serious public policy debate. So much so this news is already getting attention from policy wonks around the state. One could look at this City as a test case for how other municipalities go about rebranding themselves, repairing their image, and setting a new course for the future.

So one can expect a significant press and news media presence at Lake Worth City Hall tonight.

Here is the 2½ minute video produced by CBS12 (which follows a brief commercial message):