Thursday, December 13, 2018

Blog post from Tuesday with an update:


Another really dumb Letter to the Editor got published in The Palm Beach Post the other day. Rambling nonsense about this City of Lake Worth on renaming this municipality the “City of Lake Worth Beach”. The letter writer opposes adding the “Beach”, even citing the construction of walls. Walls to keep who in? Walls to keep who out? That is never fully explained by the letter writer.

How does this stuff make it past the editor?

It may be time to remind the public about Weetha Peebull. Many of you long-time readers of this blog will remember who Weetha was. So maybe in a day or two will go back to the archives.

The letter writer is a bit unhinged because there is a public meeting tonight at Lake Worth City Hall, 6:00. The City Commission will be setting the ballot for March 12th, 2019 and one of those items will be the referendum on renaming this City to become “Lake Worth Beach”.

Just to be clear. The boundaries of this City will not change! To even suggest that is just absurd.

And the letter writer — one who has special status apparently due to the frequency of silly letters published — is clueless as to why our elected leaders have chosen, every time unanimously, to move forward with this referendum.

For one reason why this referendum will be on the ballot next year, please continue reading and Thank You for visiting again today.

Without further ado, the blog post from
yesterday was titled,

Kilwins Chocolate is located in
the City of Lake Worth
at Lake Worth Beach.

Briefly, need to make something clear for chocolate lovers here in Central Palm Beach County and for everyone else interested in learning more about why the Lake Worth City Commission is putting “Lake Worth Beach” by referendum on the ballot next year.

The problem is way too many business owners in this City are losing business to other businesses ‘in Lake Worth’ that are not actually in this City of Lake Worth.

For example, Scheurer’s Chocolate (see below) has a ‘Lake Worth’ address but is not located in this City; Scheurer’s is located in a commercial area in the City of Atlantis, outside the southeast wall that shelters the residents within.

In other words, the wealthy residents of Atlantis can smell the chocolate. They just can’t see it. They can hit this chocolate store with a rock from the other side of the wall but it’s a five minute drive to get there. However, there is plenty of wealth in Atlantis to support their chocolate store.

People complain our stores in Downtown Lake Worth are not getting enough visitors or business. They complain shops and restaurants on Dixie Hwy. are too empty. They complain the Beach could do better.

The irony is. . .

Our Lake Worth City Commission listened and they came up with a plan to draw more of the public, tourists and visitors to this City with a spectacular “Beach” but the complainers complain about that too.

If “Shop Local” is important to you and you support this City of Lake Worth then please support businesses actually located in this City. The “Beach” would go a long way towards educating the public and the press and news media as well.

Take chocolate, for example.

Scheurer’s Chocolate is located across the road from the Palm Beach Park Airport, what some call “Lantana Airport” but that airport is not in the Town of Lantana. It’s located in unincorporated PBC or one could also call it ‘Atlantis Airport’ (see map at end of this blog post).

Now back to Kilwins Chocolate.

Kilwins is an absolutely spectacular chocolate shop and it’s located at Lake Worth Beach next to the City’s Casino and Beach Complex on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Kilwins is a must-visit this week and especially so with another Beach Bonfire at the Beach this Friday evening and the Christmas and Holiday Parade the following evening in the Downtown.

For the Kilwins website with hours and more information click on this link.

And follow Kilwins on Twitter too: They will Tweet out the latest creation like, “We’re making a fresh batch of Kilwins amazing nutcracker sweet!”

However, there is a little confusion. Another chocolate store called Scheurer’s Chocolate is not in the City of Lake Worth. The confusion is this chocolate store has a ‘Lake Worth’ address (5901 S. Congress Ave., zip code 33462) and is located in the City of Atlantis, not in the City of Lake Worth.

The actual zip codes for the City of Lake Worth are 33460 and a small area west of I-95 in 33461.

Hope that clears things up. And also of note: Hoffman’s Chocolates used to have a location in Downtown Lake Worth.

But up against Kilwins they had to close their doors and move out west somewhere.

For reference, the map showing where the Great Walled City of Atlantis is located.

Atlantis is shaded Royal Yellow in the map below, along Congress Ave., west of the County-owned Park Airport.

To the north of Park Airport is John Prince Park, also County-owned. Note that north of Atlantis and west of John Prince Park is the Village of Palm Springs (shaded spring water blue). All areas unshaded are unincorporated PBC.

Click on map to enlarge.

[Orientation: Up is north.
The Great Walled City is to the left (west).]

From Atlantis as a bird flies, heading east of the airport across scenic Lake Osborne, is the unincorporated area called Lake Osborne Heights
(a helicopter-aversive community).

Further east, and not disturbed by helicopters, is the Town of Lantana (shaded Verbenaceae-red) and the City of Lake Worth is north of Lantana (shaded Earth-friendly green).