Sunday, December 9, 2018


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Two upcoming special events.

There is another spectacular Beach Bonfire next Friday evening at Lake Worth Beach. And then, guess what?

The very next night, on Saturday evening, is the
53rd annual Christmas and Holiday Parade
in Downtown Lake Worth!

To learn more about all this excitement, frivolity and merriment please scroll down, following the big news story this week at The Palm Beach Post.

But in the meantime. . .

. . . please enjoy this video from Christmas 2009:

*A reader of this blog wants to share something refreshing and fun. A recipe for Korean Shaved Ice Cream (Patbingsu in Korean), or what some refer to as ‘SnoBalls’ in English. You can pack this delicious treat in a cooler and take it to the Beach Bonfire and/or the Christmas and Holiday Parade next week!

Click on this link and learn how to prepare Patbingsu. Delish!