Saturday, December 15, 2018

Just in case you missed this.

Lake Worth Beach must be part of the 2019 Palm Beaches Marathon.

Make. Your. Voice. Heard.

In The Best. City. Ever.

This month’s 2018 Palm Beaches Marathon held on Sunday, Dec. 2nd DID NOT include a BEACH.

No doubt Pulitzer Prize winning author Dave Barry will see the irony of this: West Palm Beach — the start and finish of the Palm Beaches Marathon — does not have a beach.

The City of Lake Worth does have a spectacular beach at the Lake Worth Casino and BEACH Complex.

For this reason and many others long-time Florida humorist and writer Dave Barry honored this City the “Best. City. Ever.” at a recent event in of all places? You guessed it. West Palm Beach. A city without a beach. They always wished they had a beach. But they don’t.

The race this year should have been called the ‘Palms Marathon’. The athletes saw a lot of palms but not a beach to be seen in Palm Beach County.

Imagine you were from Buffalo, NY, and came down to race in the Palm Beach Marathon and when you returned home had to tell everyone you didn’t see a beach?

“How did the beaches look, Sparky?” And the solemn reply, “Don’t know. I didn’t see one.”

Have you contacted the Cultural Council in Downtown Lake Worth? Contacted Discover the Palm Beaches?

To learn more about this year’s “Palm Marathon” without a BEACH, and who to contact and remedy this problem, click on this link for a blog post from earlier this month. Bring the 2019 Palm Beaches Marathon to Lake Worth Beach!