Sunday, December 9, 2018

First, there was “BEST. STATE. EVER.” by Florida’s renowned and Pulitzer Prize winning author Dave Barry.

And now Dave Barry, also a New York Times–bestselling author, has gracefully divined his own visionary and gifted benedicite, or invocation if you will, on the little six square mile City of Lake Worth, a spectacular City with a BEACH.

The voices in this video are not actors!

They are actual elected officials and city manager speaking about “The Best City in Florida!”:

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Now back to our regularly scheduled program today.

About the little City of Lake Worth, a place the locals call the “L-Dub” and most others properly call “Lake Worth Beach”:

Click on “BEST. MUNICIPALITY. EVER.” to enlarge.

Author Dave Barry teamed up with the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County and awarded Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein for the BEST essay submitted.