Friday, March 29, 2019

Tomorrow morning: Come out and join the Whispering Palms Neighborhood in Lake Worth Beach.

And then following the neighborhood clean up do some exploring. Did you know there is a historic cemetery in Whispering Palms? Learn more about that and much more below.

Neighborhood Clean Up from
8:00 a.m.10:00.

Location in Whispering Palms where to meet up is 1301 12th Ave. South (see neighborhood map below).

This cleanup is being sponsored by the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County and Palm Health Foundation in partnership with the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

Coffee and snacks will be provided. 

The Whispering Palms Neighborhood is shaded teal in the map below. Following the map and caption are other areas and places of interest to see.

Meet up tomorrow morning at the corner of
12th Ave. South and South E Street.
Area is circled with red marker.

Click on map to enlarge:

Following the neighborhood clean up tomorrow morning stop by and check out the Norman J. Wimbley Gym and Osborne Center at 1515 Wingfield St. Also worth noting is north of Whispering Palms is Memorial Park neighborhood (shaded orchid) and to the west of I-95 is the urbanized built-out Lake Osborne neighborhood (shaded drab moss).

Other places of note in Whispering Palms
is a historic cemetery.

I. A. Banks Memorial Park, the former Osborne Municipal Cemetery, is a 1½-acre cemetery located in what was called the “Osborne Addition” which was for African Americans during segregation. This cemetery is located at the northwest corner of Washington Ave. and Wingfield St. In 1983 the City was petitioned to rename this cemetery in honor of Rev. Ira A. Banks, the founder of New Hope Baptist Church located diagonally southeast across Washington Ave.*

Other places worth noting:

  • Very likely you have heard of the organization called For The Children, Inc. They are located at 1718 Douglas St., east of Howard Park and west of Florida East Coast (FEC) railroad tracks.
  • Note Barton Elementary School in the southwest area of Whispering Palms.
  • The large open area in Whispering Palms is the City’s former landfill and one can see the solar field west of Howard Park.
  • The eastern border of Whispering Palms is US1 (Dixie Hwy.).
  • The body of water to the west is Lake Osborne within the County’s John Prince Park.
  • The un-shaded areas are the Town of Lantana to the south of Whispering Palms and suburban (unincorporated) Lake Worth south and west of Lake Osborne neighborhood.

Would you like to learn more about Whispering Palms?

Then please contact the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council (NAPC): The new incoming president is Mr. Craig Frost; for the list of 2019 NAPC officers click on this link.

For more information send an email to:

*A truly fascinating read is one by Lori J. Durante from the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History in 2012 titled, “Black Bahamian descendants from Miami tour historic Lake Worth, Florida”.

Many of you presently will know Lori Durante as the tour operator of the popular Taste History Culinary Tours featuring foodcentric history in Lake Worth Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Town of Lantana and West Palm.