Wednesday, December 5, 2018

WPTV reporter Andrew Lofholm at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting last night. It was a bit too eventful.

Remember it was Andrew Lofholm who broke the story last month about the City of Lake Worth considering renaming this City to “Lake Worth Beach”. Lofholm and cameraman extraordinaire Eric Pasquarelli were in attendance last night.

To say they got more than they expected is an understatement.

Briefly, it seems the only thing that draws The Palm Beach Post and other TV news stations to the City of Lake Worth any more are vehicle crashes and the occasional crime. Despite some grumbling and a few complaints about this City changing its name it really is a huge story and will continue to be until March of next year.

After WPTV broke this story the Post had no choice but to chime in and it won’t be long now before the Post editorial board chimes in too. Along with all those negative letters to the editor too about “Lake Worth Beach”. Basically the normal stuff.

It was a packed house last night in City Hall. Shortly after the meeting began Lofholm raced out of City Hall to report on a terrible motorcycle crash nearby. And then it took until after 11:00 until the “Lake Worth Beach” item came up for discussion and a vote was taken. But this was after Mayor Pam Triolo got up and left City Hall. Yes. That’s right. Mayor Triolo left the meeting and went home. She had had enough. And there will be more about that later on this blog.

Ordinance 12E, First reading, “Ballot language to change name of City to Lake Worth Beach by referendum on March 12, 2019” passed unanimously. Again. This time 4-0.

Second Reading will be next week, on Thursday, Dec. 13th, 6:00 in City Hall. Following another expected unanimous vote this question will be forwarded to the PBC Supervisor of Elections and will appear on the ballot for the voters to decide.

And some time after Dec. 13th and before January 15th, the next regularly scheduled City Commission meeting, there needs to be a workshop on procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order. There is no delaying this. It needs to happen soon.

Here is a Tweet from last night.

To watch Lofholm’s news segment from last night click on this link. Here is an excerpt from the text of the news:

LAKE WORTH, Fla. — Lake Worth is one step closer to putting it up to a vote: Do you want to keep the name of the city Lake Worth or change it to Lake Worth Beach?

Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday night in its first round. It will take one more vote next week by the council, which is expected to pass.

After that, it will be on the March 12 ballot, up for Lake Worth voters to decide.

Those for it say they want to let tourists know they have a beach and to distinguish itself from the crime that the city gets lumped into in unincorporated Lake Worth.

There are 7 zip codes that carry the lake Worth name but only 2 are actually within city limits.

Stay tuned as they say. There will be much more about this topic to come.