Tuesday, November 27, 2018

News from Andrew Lofholm at WPTV: Showing how proper news reporting should be done in Palm Beach County.

The news report on the 11:00 news last night on WPTV/NBC5 was about the City of Lake Worth considering a name change to the “City of Lake Worth Beach”. The link to that news report with the video is below with the text as well from that news segment.

The news segment by Andrew Lofholm was top-notch professional. The standard by which all TV news reports should be done.

And as reported by Lofholm, the City Commission Work Session to discuss this topic will begin tonight at 6:00 in City Hall.

The critics of renaming this City to “Lake Worth Beach” have been very quiet thus far, not saying much at all after the straw poll at the City Commission on October 30th was unanimous (5-0) to move forward with putting the topic of renaming this City to referendum on March 12th, 2019.

But yesterday when Lofholm tweeted out that this news would be on TV last night the critics gave up their hand.

Their strategy is to just say changing the name of this City, “[I]s a silly idea” and saying nonsense like this:

“What would we then call the actual Lake Worth beach? The Lake Worth Beach beach?”

Pretty much the critics are out of ideas. They have no alternatives to address the big problem as pointed out by Andrew Lofholm. If the critics did have any alternatives they’ve had a decade or two to come up with one. But instead they’ve just sat on their hands and did nothing.

And to one of those critics I tweeted back, “Are you saying it’s silly to let the voters decide this question?” There was no response to that question. It was complete silence.

And besides the Lake Worth City Commission already voted unanimously to send this question to the voters next year. The way this question should be decided, “Should this City be renamed Lake Worth Beach”?

Let the voters decide!

Because as Lofholm reports (see text of news report below) the Lake Worth City Commission is not making the decision to rename this City. The City Commission wants the electorate to decide. It’s as simple as that. And on top of that there are two more public meetings coming up to discuss the topic. At a regularly scheduled Commission meeting on December 4th and at a Special Commission meeting on December 13th.

But if perchance the City Hall chambers is packed tonight with critics saying, “No”, then just calmly explain to them you can make your voice heard next year on March 12th, 2019.

But suspect a lot more people will be saying, “Yes!”

Andrew Lofholm is no stranger to Lake Worth City Hall. He’s done several news reports about this City and all very good and very accurate. To learn more about Lofholm and his background before arriving at WPTV nearly two years ago in December 2016 click on this link.

To watch the video from last night that aired on WPTV click on this link.

And here are two excerpts from the text of the news segment:

LAKE WORTH, Fla. — After more than 100 years, the city of Lake Worth is considering changing its name to the city of Lake Worth Beach. Ultimately, voters will have the final say. [emphasis added]

The city commission wants to do this for two reasons: to compete for tourists and to distinguish itself-particularly when it comes to crime from unincorporated Lake Worth.

“I think Lake Worth Beach would be more sufficient considering that, you know, most of the city is close to the beach and they have a beautiful pier that most people don’t know about,” said Lake Worth resident Demetrius Harper.

and. . .

The city limit runs from Lake Worth Beach to just east of John Prince Park, but the border is often blurred in news reports and crime stats, says [District 2 Commissioner Omari] Hardy. There are two zip codes that make up the city but the name Lake Worth is attached to seven.* 

“A lot of the crimes that happen outside of Lake Worth, just because they’re along the Lake Worth corridor, people say oh that happened in Lake Worth when it didn’t happen in Lake Worth,” Hardy said.

The city will vote on this twice in December. If it passes, it has no opposition on the commission currently, it’ll be up to Lake Worth voters if they want to become Lake Worth Beach once and for all on March 12.

A workshop open to the public will be held Tuesday [TONIGHT] at City Hall at 6 p.m. Officials will discuss ballot language ahead of the December meetings.

Please Note: The City Commission will decide tonight whether or not to allow public comment.

But if public comment is permitted and if you plan on showing up tonight and give public comment please remain civil, behave yourself, and respect the Chair: Mayor Pam Triolo. Do not go on rambling or repeating yourself or make Commissioner Scott Maxwell say, “Is there a doctor in the house?”

And remember, this is very important. You are NOT REQUIRED to use all the time allotted you. If you’ve made your point it’s perfectly OK to smile, say “Thank You” to the Chair, then return to your seat giving way to the next person waiting in line.

*The actual City of Lake Worth uses zip code 33460 and a portion of 33461. There are seven (7) additional ‘Lake Worth’ zip codes in suburban Lake Worth, with one far west on the edge of the Florida Everglades and south of Wellington. To learn more click on this link.