Monday, November 5, 2018

Hmmm: “There has been a little bit of a fuss on J Street the past few weeks.”

But if it’s a “little bit of a fuss” then why is it even news in The Palm Beach Post in the first place?

Shouldn’t the real story be, “Why is the Bamboo Room on J Street still shuttered?” Learn more about the Bamboo Room a little later in this blog post.

And also a little later you’ll learn about three (3) tremendous and truly exciting things that happened in this City of Lake Worth last week. Each and every one of them much more significant than that ‘fuss’ on J Street and also three more reasons why you should become a subscriber to The Lake Worth Herald and support LOCAL small town journalism that matters.

But that ‘fuss on J Street’ is THE TOP STORY in The Palm Beach Post on p. B3 in today’s Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE) published every single Monday in the Post. And to this day no one knows the reason why. The editor(s) at the Post never gave a reason. They just did it.

The LWVVSMCPE, for those of you unaware, began over three years ago about the same time PBSO began the merge with the City of Greenacres’ PD.

And if you didn’t know the Post was put up For-Sale in November 2017 and bought by GateHouse Media in May 2018. Hopefully soon there will be a change of course at that newspaper. After three years it’s about time the LWVVSMCPE becomes the Greenacres Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (GVVSMCPE).

Really now, don’t you think it’s about time the editor(s) at the Post educate the public about what’s happened in that city since the merge with PBSO?

“There has been a little bit of a fuss. . .”

But when it comes to the Post there’s usually a fuss about something anyway in this City of Lake Worth like for example the long-chronicled story about Artsy Fartsy Décor & More.

What’s happening or not happening on J Street — you know, that ‘fuss’ — is just a distraction.

Because the big problem with J Street is the Bamboo Room remains closed. That’s the big problem with J Street. If the Bamboo Room was open the public would be drawn off Lake Ave. despite the road closures for the monthly Lake Ave. Block Party.

And what will be the reason why the public is not drawn down J Street next Friday? Because next Friday evening is the first Beach Bonfire of the 2018–2019 Season at the Lake Worth Beach? Will every single event in Downtown Lake Worth be the reason for every business owner on J Street to complain about such low public interest south of the Book Cellar bookstore on Lake Ave.?

Once again, the ‘fuss on J Street’ is just a distraction. For example, from June of this year this particular art gallery is not new to ‘fusses’.

What happened last week that is truly “Worth Noting” in this City:

Here are some truly significant things that happened last week that should have been reported in the Post today, but weren’t:

However, what is THE BIG NEWS in the Post?

Here it is:

On Oct. 5, Lake Worth started the Lake Ave Block Party, a new monthly event the city started for people to enjoy live music, food and vendors. Lake Avenue is closed to traffic between J Street and Federal Highway.

But businesses on J Street said they’re hurting because, as Joyce Brown, creator and president of Flamingo Clay Studio told The Palm Beach Post, all merchants on the street have suffered terribly from the city’s decision to block their street off on the most critical evening of the week.

Why have those merchants “[S]uffered terribly”?

The problem on J Street is not the monthly Lake Ave. Block Party. The problem is — excluding the popular Book Cellar bookstore at the corner of J St. and Lake Ave. — there is little to draw the public down that street in the first place.

But a few years ago this was THE TOP STORY by beat reporter Kevin Thompson, “The Bamboo Room to open again soon on weekends”. It did for a while. But then someone came up with the not-so-brilliant idea to turn the Bamboo Room into a church.

You see, if the Bamboo Room was open now as a music and bar venue, what made it popular in the first place, the owner of the Flamingo Clay Studio would have little to complain about. No matter how many times the beat reporter at the Post quotes the owner of that coffee shop on J Street the public will still not magically appear on Friday evenings. But if the Bamboo Room was open it would be an entirely different story.

And besides, there are coffee shops everywhere including an excellent one at 205 N. Federal Hwy. called “Studio 205”.

But anyway. . .

Old news from nearly 3½ years ago.

Click on old news to enlarge:

Isn’t it about time for some new news in the Post about this old news? Like maybe try and find out why the Bamboo Room is still shuttered on J Street?