Saturday, November 3, 2018

PINNED POST: About public schools and education in the City of Lake Worth.

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Last Thursday’s Joint Work Session: Lake Worth City Commission and Palm Beach County School District.

The must-watch video of this meeting is at the end of this blog post.

Please share this information with everyone who is concerned about public education.

Every public school in this City is rated a “C”.

Briefly, the big takeaways from this meeting: The two main goals are increasing school attendance at each and every public school in the City and early childhood education (VPK) is key so kids are ready for kindergarten. We learned from this Joint Work Session way too many kids are showing up to their first day of public school and from Day 1 have to try and catch up.

Our elected officials and City government MUST GET MORE INVOLVED! The presentation by School Board member Erica Whitfield (see video below) was in a word spectacular.

Our City of Lake Worth has allies in this effort to improve our schools: Belle Glade, Pahokee and Riviera Beach. Kids want to learn. Poverty is not the obstacle. Money is. But enough about that for now.

Stay tuned for more information to come over the next several days. And don’t expect any news about this meeting in The Palm Beach Post. The school news in Wellington, Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens sells more newspapers.

The only press at this meeting was editor Mark Easton from The Lake Worth Herald. Early on in the video he is introduced to great fanfare. Easton is an alum of Lake Worth Community High School.

The Who’s Who in attendance.

The Key Players at the table:

  • District 4 School Board member and City of Lake Worth resident Erica Whitfield.
  • Deputy School Board Superintendent and Chief of Schools Keith Oswald.
  • District 7 School Board member Debra Robinson.
  • Attorney present: Senior Associate Pamala H. Ryan of Torcivia, Donlon, Goddeau & Ansay.
  • City of Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo.
  • City of Lake Worth Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso (District 3).
  • City of Lake Worth Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell (District 1).
  • Lake Worth Assistant City Manager Juan Ruiz, Class of ’95 from Lake Worth Community High School.
  • Lake Worth District 4 Commissioner Herman C. Robinson.
  • Lake Worth District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy.

Note that following the introductions at the table the staff and other Notable Notables are introduced in the Chambers.

The video. . .