Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Where are the meeting minutes on the City of Lake Worth’s website?

There are no meeting minutes from the Tree Board going all the way back to February.

The Finance Advisory Board, Bond Citizen Advisory Board, and Library Board have no meeting minutes at all for this year. The last minutes listed for the Community Redevelopment Agency and Electric Utility Advisory Board are from June.

At the last regularly scheduled meeting of the City Commission on October 16th resident Peggy Fisher pointed this out at public comment: the lack of meeting minutes on the City’s website. Click on this link and scroll down to “Other Boards” following the list of City Commission meetings.

It’s quite possible many of these meetings had no quorum and everyone went home. But there still needs to be minutes anyhow. Was a roll call taken? Was a work session held? What was on the agenda?

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the City Commission is in two weeks, on Tuesday, November 13th. Stay tuned as they say.