Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Dumb news published in The Palm Beach Post and another “CORRECTION” too.

You will have to buy the print edition today to read the latest error and CORRECTION in the Post. Can tell you it has nothing at all to do with Lake Worth Beach.

The Post print edition is $2 now and a year all-inclusive subscription is $683.79. For more information about subscription rates send an email to:

While Lake Worth Beach Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso was in City Hall last evening doing the hard work of government a beat reporter posted a really dumb news report about Andy. So dumb you won’t believe it. It’s a non-news story about a non-event in Lake Worth Beach.

That about sums it up, a story that should have been published in the “Comics and Puzzles” section because you will end up scratching your head and trying to figure out what the point is.

Have you ever been to Andy’s new location? All that information and a photograph of Andy smiling is below. Here are directions to Andy’s shop called Studio 205.

The address for Studio 205 is 205 N. Federal Hwy. The parking lot for Studio 205 can be accessed off 2nd Ave. North as well.

Click on map to enlarge, note that 2nd Ave. North
is a one-way street heading east.

Andy’s shop is the one with the white roof within the red box. The parking lot is on the west and north side of the building. Please follow the traffic signage and be aware of all one-way roads in the area.

Now briefly, back to the non-story in the Post today.

Not going to mention that silly news that somehow got published in the print edition of the Post today except to say it’s on p. 2 in the ‘LOCAL’ section on the right side of the page above the lottery numbers. Most newspaper readers don’t pay any attention to p. 2 in the LOCAL section anyway quickly turning the page for the community and business sections where the important and topical news is usually published. And most newspaper readers use smartphones and tablets to check their lottery numbers too. That technology became available some time in the 20th Century.

But what is worth noting is May 1st is the one-year anniversary of Gatehouse Media being the owner and publisher of The Palm Beach Post and the Post print edition is still printed in Broward County by the presses at the Sun Sentinel and once again an all-inclusive subscription to the Post is $683.79. All this information is located in today’s print edition on p. A2 below the latest “CORRECTION”, another error in the County’s paper of record.

But if you want to stop by and have a good laugh with Andy his juice bar, restaurant and newsstand is located at the corner of Federal Hwy. and 2nd Ave. North (see Andy smiling below). The phone number is 561-533-5272 and the store opens at 10:00 a.m. today. Andy is the one usually with the baseball cap on.

So. Why not stop by today or later this week?

Why? So when this week’s Lake Worth Herald comes out you know where to go!

Click on image to enlarge,
the Grand Opening last year and Andy is smiling.

Prior to opening up his new location for Studio 205 Andys shop was located on Lake Ave. Although this location is 400 s.f. smaller it’s much more functional Andy said.