Thursday, April 4, 2019

Confused dolphins, toxic algae, pond scum and looming threat of BMAA: “[A]n arsonist in the human brain”.

Attention Treasure Coast!

Are you looking for some good satire? Does the ‘green algae’ got you down? Then please continue reading.

“Satire can always be found everywhere. A people without a love for satire is a dead people.”

Quote. Dario Fo, 1926–2013. According to Wikipedia, Fo was an “Italian actor, playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, stage designer, songwriter, painter, political campaigner for the Italian left wing and the recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature.”

Let’s proceed: Important information about MBAA for our good friends in the Treasure Coast.

The reasoning why you should plan your upcoming Spring Season in Palm Beach County!

Please start booking your events in Palm Beach County now. Why? Because no one can be too careful when it comes to β-Methylamino-ʟ-alanine, or just BMAA for short.

In March 2016 the “firebrand ethnobotanist Paul Alan Cox” was a big story in The Palm Beach Post, news from reporter John Pacenti about blooms of cyanobacteria, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, amyloid plaque deposits, the research studying the diet of vervets (Chlorocebus pygerythrus), motor neuron disease and how all this could perhaps — e.g., feasibly, could be, may be, within the realm of possibility, and of course, weather permitting — that BMAA would perchance conceivably, hypothetically on paper, could possibly imaginably in a manner by supposition be due to BMAA.

No one is claiming BMAA is the only cause,” [emphasis added] he [Cox] said. “There has been all kinds of hypotheses in the past. Aluminum, brain trauma. There are probably lots of different things that lead to these neurological diseases.”

It was BMAA in the St. Lucie River that possibly created that “spike in emergency room visits” and the public was forced to “evacuate waterside properties and escape to more distant lodgings” according to John Pacenti once again in a June 2017 report headlined, “ACLU: State failed to warn public of health dangers of toxic algae bloom”. Evacuate where? Possibly to places like the cities, towns and villages right here in Central Palm Beach County that had any hotel rooms available:

“The algae bloom in the St. Lucie River and its estuary certainly appeared and smelled toxic. It caused an overpowering, noxious smell, burning eyes, headaches, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems, and rashes. The local hospital weathered a spike in emergency room patients. People were forced to evacuate waterside properties and escape to more distant lodgings.”

Do you live in Martin County? St. Lucie County? Are you frightened of BMAA? Are you considering an “escape to more distant lodgings.” Worried about “burning eyes, headaches, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems, and rashes” too?

Please evacuate to vicinity of
Lake Worth Lagoon!

For example, former Post reporter Willy Howard (now a reporter with The Coastal Star) wasn’t all too concerned about health issues or the quality of the water in the Intracoastal when he went, “Paddling the habitats of Lake Worth Lagoon” to demonstrate how safe our water is in the Lake Worth Lagoon.

And start making plans for
Independence Day, July 4th, 2019 too!

And that ain’t no satire!