Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lake Worth news from Willie Howard: “Paddling the habitats of Lake Worth Lagoon”.

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Below is former Post reporter Willie Howard covering the City of Lake Worth election beat in 2009. Use this link and see if you can spot former Mayor Jeff Clemens, now State Senator Clemens.
By the way, Mr. Howard must be just as mystified as everyone else the Post is not reporting anything at all about the Blueway Trail project.

Anyhow, below are two excerpts from The Coastal Star datelined May 3rd. To read the entire story by Mr. Howard, which includes news about this year’s Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge, the STAR tournament, upcoming events, and the “Tip of the month” use this link. Without further ado:

     Anglers fishing around the islands of the central lagoon can catch snook, mangrove snapper, barracuda, sheepshead and small bait fish along with the occasional redfish and spotted sea trout.
     Restoration islands near the Lake Avenue Bridge include the Snook Islands project, [emphasis added] completed in 2005 (and later expanded); the two Grassy Flats islands on the east side of the lagoon near the Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course; Bryant Park Wetlands islands south of the bridge near Lake Worth’s Bryant Park; and the Jewel Cove project southeast of the bridge across from Lake Worth Beach.
     To date, the county has overseen 49 environmental restoration projects in the Lake Worth Lagoon, the 20-mile-long estuary that stretches from Ocean Ridge to North Palm Beach.

and. . .

     Creating a place for paddling, fishing and nature observation is a side benefit of the restoration work. The Snook Islands Natural Area features a boardwalk and gazebo overlooking the mangrove islands, educational kiosks, day-use boat docks, a fishing pier and a kayak launch on the northwest side of the Lake Avenue Bridge.

and. . .

      Least terns nest on the Grassy Flats islands.
     That’s significant because least terns had never been found nesting on the ground in Palm Beach County until the Grassy Flats islands were completed in 2015. Previously, the threatened terns nested on the flat roofs of department stores and warehouses, where the nests were not likely to be disturbed.
     Ten pairs of least terns nested on the beach at Grassy Flats in 2015; another 31 pairs nested there last year. Because of bird nesting, paddlers and other boaters are not allowed to stop and walk around on the restoration islands.

Thank You for the wonderful news about our little City!

Do you remember former Post reporter Willie Howard? If not, learn more below about the history of Post beat reporters here in the little City of Lake Worth. If you’re new to the City of Lake Worth you may have learned by now elections in this City can be very entertaining. However, it’s nothing compared to years like 2008 and 2009. For example, what happened to former mayor René Varela:

 “No Dolphin Dealer Mayor for Lake Worth”. Please note: This is not a joke. An actual protest outside the Lake Worth Playhouse.
Remember Lona O’Connor who first reported about The Cottages of Lake Worth? Beat reporter Chris Persaud who won several prestigious journalism awards? Learn more using this link.