Monday, October 8, 2018

Remember Artsy Fartsy Décor & More? Whatever came of the L-Dub awards for ‘kicks’ and social media clicks?

Because everyone knows. . .

If it’s Monday it’s the City of
Lake Worth’s Special Day in The Palm Beach Post!

Every Monday, every single week since October 2015 on p. B3 is the Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE)! Do you remember Artsy Fartsy Décor & More? And how is YOUR city, town or village ranked in the Post? Find out below.

Last week’s LWVVSMCPE
was a Very Special One.

All about the Lake Ave. Block Party in Downtown Lake Worth on October 5th, a wonderful Friday evening and the first-ever famly event that will take place the first Friday of every month. There are several photos in the paper but one in particular stands out on p. B3, the print edition of the LWVVSMCPE.

There is a huge photo of a woman from West Palm Beach at the Block Party hungrily excited and staring wide-eyed at a donut hanging up in the air from a string. The trick is to try and eat the donut without using one’s hands. Incredibly exciting especially for a famaly with little kids looking on. Also in that LWVVSMCPE is an image of a famlie looking at a classic Corvette, a cartoonist showing off his handiwork, and an old classic carnival car from the 1950s.

Watching all this fun at the Lake Ave. Block Party got a lot of people thinking about the upcoming Winter Festival Season starting in February:


Remember! The City of Lake Worth’s 2019 Street Painting Festival is just around the corner.

Truly a famalie event!


Moving on to Artsy Fartsy and how is your municipality ranked in the Post?

Is the City of Lake Worth still ranked at #6 in The Palm Beach Post’s “Ranking of Palm Beach County’s cities from worst to best”? Boynton Beach, by the way, came in at a terrible ranking of #28, just ahead of Hypoluxo. Why was Boynton ranked so terribly?

Now that Gatehouse Media has taken over at the Post should they do another ranking of municipalities in this County? Or maybe have all the municipalities do a ranking of The Palm Beach Post? Anyhow, to find out how your city, town, or village was ranked according to the last list compiled there is more information below.

Now back to Artsy Fartsy.

Still, every now and then someone will visit Downtown Lake Worth looking for some ‘kicks’ and receive the bad news: Artsy Fartsy closed up shop in L-Dub. Despite being a feature story in The Palm Beach Post’s LWVVSMCPE for over a year and despite being a feature news item many times since in the Post, Artsy Fartsy went out of business on March 2nd, 2018.

Newspaper clipping below, Artsy Fartsy in the
print edition, January 30th, 2017:

And the beat reporter wrote in Jan. 2017:
“OK, work with me here. Imagine, if you will, the city hosted awards called the L-Dubs. . .”

Click on image to enlarge:

Sadly, the headline in March 2018 was, “Artsy Fartsy business owner mad about having to leave Lake Worth”. But what of the “L-Dub award”?
A good idea to generate more ‘kicks’ and social media clicks to promote L-Dub?

The last ranking of cities, towns and villages in Palm Beach County was back in 2016 when there were thirty-eight (38) municipalities. In 2017 that number rose to thirty-nine when Westlake was incorporated.

Here are the Six Special Cities in the print edition of the Post, the same Six Special Cities since 2015 featured every week, Monday–Saturday:

Lake Worth is ranked #6, Jupiter #2, Wellington #4 and Boynton Beach at #28! Rounding out the week are Palm Beach Gardens at #9 and to no one’s surprise West Palm Beach comes in at #1.

Questions: Shouldn’t Lake Worth be moved up a spot to #5? And should Boynton be replaced by Delray Beach which comes in at #3?