Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Palm Beach Post: Above the Fold & Below the Fold, priorities askew

Yesterday I attended an event and someone very familiar with the recent upheaval in Tallahassee was there. Several people sat around and the main topic of conversation was the dysfunction in Tallahassee vis-à-vis the House walkout and still no state budget. This is an incredible political story not just statewide but has ramifications all the way to Washington, D.C. (and beyond). This story affects literally everyone in Florida.

The Palm Beach Post acknowledges this in an article by John Kennedy which appears below the fold:
Here is how Wikipedia describes the difference between "Above the Fold" and "Below the Fold":
Above the fold is the upper half of the front page of a newspaper where an important news story or photograph is often located. Papers are often displayed to customers folded so that only the top half of the front page is visible. Thus, an item that is "above the fold" may be one that the editors feel will entice people to buy the paper. Alternatively, it reflects a decision, on the part of the editors, that the article is one of the day's most important.
Here is what the editor(s) of The Palm Beach Post chose as the most important news in Palm Beach County:
This is the actual headline in the print edition of The Palm Beach Post. Not a photoshop. No doubt this story should be on the front page, sans the hysterical headline, but above the fold? Right next to the "LINE OF FIRE" probe of PBSO Sheriff Bradshaw? What kind of message are they trying to send? And to whom?