Sunday, May 3, 2015

Alexandra Clough and the little City of Lake Worth

"Some residents also erroneously believed a portion of the beach might be sold."

Excerpt from Alexandra Clough's article in The Palm Beach Post, 4/30/15.

The story by Alexandra Clough finally made the print edition today, in Sunday's 'Business' section. The very first line is this: "The fortunes of Lake Worth’s beachside casino and pool complex are troubled."

She quoted Commissioner Ryan Maier and being a business writer I'm sure she had to check her notes more than a few times to make sure she really heard what she did. Being an elected official and responsible for how tax dollars are used it was enlightening: he has no problem with taxpayers subsidizing the failing Casino and pool. Don't blame me. I didn't vote for him.

Must admit it's a guilty pleasure watching the hysteria in the community. There are a few sentences in the article that the unhinged will hold dear as they wail uncontrollably. "You see! I told you! They're stealing our BEACH!"

Check back in a few days and will have many excerpts from the article. A very good effort by the Post's business writer fairly representing all sides of this very important issue.