Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer House Gardens on NBC5/WPTV

[Very interesting. This story is trending very high on the WPTV website and also on this blog.]

A new business in the little City of Lake Worth was featured on NBC5: Summer House Gardens. Rachel Leitao did the report. Here is an excerpt from the text of the story:
LAKE WORTH, Fla. – Ian Esplin has turned his love of gardening into a web-based business designed to help you love gardening too.
     "I've been gardening for quite a while now and I've been trying to be a home gardener, so I've been working started digging in the ground trying to get the soil right. And living in South Florida it's been tough, so I've been trying to develop a system for myself and then eventually it spurned into this where I tried to create an easy to manage container garden for the average homeowner,” Esplin explained.
You can call the Summer House Gardens at 561-670-9479 and this is the email address. For now this service is only available in Palm Beach County. Best of luck to you and your new business.