Thursday, May 7, 2015

E-mail conversation with a blog reader: "Your blog censureship [sic]"

Roger Kowalsky: Please advise what criteria you use in deciding what comments you accept and which you reject..

Me: It's completely left to my discretion. I post most comments and it is an exception if I don't.

Roger Kowalsky: "Discretion and most "are not very informative..Why not publish your criteria on your blog?

Me: Because it is not a list of hard and fast criteria. And I don't need a firm policy. It depends on the topic. Is there a comment that you submitted that you haven't seen posted? If so, we could start there and examine it as to why I chose not to post it. Or it could be as simple as a comment I missed in the hundreds I receive every week. Sometimes they slip through the cracks.

Roger Kowalsky: Nothing to do with me..Its not you that needs a policy..Its the readers of your blog .I don't think you are understanding the point I'm trying to make..Why not at least bring up the subject on your blog and ask what your readers think.

Me: I guess from my point of view, I do not need a hard and fast policy, especially when I am presented with anonymous comments. The point is that the comments I choose not to post are very few in number. So that also says to me that I really do not need to post a comment policy.

I let most comments in. The exception being a guy in New Zealand that grew up in Lake Worth and fills comments up with all sorts of conspiracy theories and monorail, monorail monorail posts - and even then I let some of those in.

If I approve 95% of them anyway, there is no need to talk about a comment policy. If I throw open the question, then it gives people an opportunity to say that they comment and never see their comments - which is not the case. Why give them that opportunity? There is no there there.

Roger Kowalsky: You are ignoring my request to put all of this on your blog..I quit since speaking to people who are deaf requires more skill than I have.

Comment away readers...