Monday, April 18, 2016

News from PBSO: A 3-day joint operation to address prostitution issues (and have you considered volunteering for PBSO?)

To be a volunteer for PBSO or be a Citizen on Patrol (COP), that information is below in this blog post. Here is the latest news from PBSO: 

"A 3 day joint operation was conducted by District 1, District 14 [the City of Lake Worth], and District 16 Community Policing and Street Crimes Units between 4/13–4/15 to address prostitution issues within these districts. Day 1 involved undercover deputies posing as “johns” soliciting prostitutes, days 2 and 3 utilized undercover female deputies posing as prostitutes. The operation resulted in the following:
  • 4 felony prostitution arrests
  • 14 misdemeanor prostitution arrests
  • 4 felony warrant arrests
  • 5 misdemeanor warrant arrests
  • 27 arrests for solicitation of prostitution
  • 6 drug paraphernalia arrests
  • 1 stolen gun recovered (PBSO case)
  • Crack cocaine, heroin, MDMA, Xanax, and Flakka seizures
  • ½ lb. of marijuana seized
  • 1 vehicle forfeiture
  • $1,460 seized
The operation produced a total of 48 arrests. Great teamwork by all involved!"
To learn more about "Make the Call Y'All" visit the NAPC website.
For more information contact Sergeant Richard Raasch, Community Policing & Street Crimes Unit Supervisor, District 14
Cell: 561-662-2392

If you would like to be a volunteer for PBSO call 561-433-2003. And don't forget about the Citizens on Patrol (COP) program here in Lake Worth. You can read about that in a recent news story that featured Mary Lindsey by NBC5/WPTV's Alex Hagan.

Here is the video from WPTV; The Mary is interviewed starting at the 1:20 mark:


Anonymous said...

Hooray! They should be doing this every week.

Anonymous said...

And yet the hookers were right back at it on Dixie Monday night. Along with all the other lowlifes that inhabit the Dixie corridor.
Clap and cheer all you want PBSO is useless.