Sunday, May 22, 2016

NBC5/WPTV's Alex Hagan interviewed The Mary in Lake Worth but there's more you need to know

This is a real good news segment that focused on the proper response to an increase in the crime rate in any area or neighborhood. This report is the opposite of what you would see on CBS12/WPEC and ABC25/WPBF: they're both experts on focusing on the negative, especially as it relates to Lake Worth if you've followed them over the years. Not all of their reporters, there are exceptions, but certainly most of them.

Here is an excerpt from the text of the news segment by Alex Hagan, an interview with The Mary:

     "Recent incidents raise new concerns. Mary Lindsey is with Neighborhood Association Presidents Council [NAPC; also on Facebook]. This weeks she's pushing crime watch programs throughout the city.
     Putting up yellow signs and handing out flyers with a number to call if you see something suspicious.
     'That is a huge deterrent to crime. So hopefully these latest incidents will inspire more people to sign up for COP program as well,' says Lindsey.
     She says there are currently 8 neighborhoods with crime watch programs and is looking to add more."

The Citizens On Patrol (COP) program isn't explained in any way, which is very important to explain further. Here is an excerpt from the link above from the City's newsletter, Worth Noting:

"Captain Todd Baer has a vision to help make Lake Worth a safer place and it starts with every resident. Over the next year, he would like to grow the Sheriff’s volunteer program, Citizens on Patrol. While the program has existed a few neighborhoods, Baer envisions a city-wide effort. He would also like to educate all residents about 'Making the Call' about suspicious behavior."
Here is the video from WPTV: