Saturday, May 28, 2016

Advice to the City on leasing the second floor space at the Casino on the beach

The second-floor space above Mulligan's at the Casino still does not have a tenant. Hard to believe isn't it? But do you remember all those promises back then?

The excerpts below are from one of those self-described experts in July of 2012 and you can read the entire prepared report using this link. The spelling, punctuation, CAPS LOCK, and illogic is because the person writing the report, we're told, speaks 16 different languages. Or is it 20? Anyhow, read this advice on how to lease the second floor space from 2012:

     "Its' second floor restaurant space, which even the simplest person knows ,is the most desirable., prime location, with Oceanbeachfrontage and view and Lake Worth Lagoon on its' West side,is in danger to the Citizens, of being made an economic loss, by the Commission genuflecting to a slick, QUICK COMMISSION WITH CHEAP CLIENTS PUSHING TO SUCKER COMMISSIONS,Realtor.
     Lake Worth City Commission are known for not protecting Citizens properties, by signing agreement undermining the financial health of the City."

[and. . .]

     "Standard price per sq..ft. Palm Beach Island  location, Oceanfront, is $35.- to $150.0 per sq. ft. that Commission never bothered to verify.The are there to promote themselves, look important with doing nothing to increase the City's revenue.This project must be paid for with restaurant leases ,as well.
     Ballroom and Downstairs elegant Loggia stores will as well.Not initiated by Commissions for 10 Years.,ignored to sabotage Citizens interests by those Commissions!"

—Dee McNamara. For more sage advice you can visit her blog using this link.