Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy belated anniversary wishes to Publix: Their first store incorporated in Winter Haven, April 19th, 1930

Happy Anniversary, Publix! Use this link for more information on our local Publix downtown. Read about the start of Publix at the Florida History Network and an excerpt:

"George Jenkins incorporated his first Publix grocery store in Winter Haven on this date in 1930. Jenkins established profit sharing and employee ownership and set standards for cleanliness and customer service. He opened a second store in 1935 and in 1940 mortgaged an orange grove he had acquired during the Great Depression for a down payment on his first full-sized supermarket. According to the company's web site, he equipped the store with innovations never before seen in a grocery store, including air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, electric-eye doors, frozen food cases, piped-in music and eight-foot-wide aisles."