Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why you might want to reconsider being a vegan. . .

Last year published this blog post about Lierre Keith, a recovering ex-vegan and environmentalist who wrote the book, The Vegetarian Myth. Along with damaging her own health she concluded that mass farming and agriculture aren't quite the answer people have been led to believe. Whether you believe she is right, wrong, or not sure, know that Lierre Keith caught hell for speaking her mind and is probably still catching hell after the release of her book in 2009.

If you're interested in reading why you might want to eschew that vegetarian lifestyle and try an awesome dinner at Callaro's read the excerpts below from an article titled, "Vegetarian and 'Healthy' Diets Could Be More Harmful to the Environment":

     "Eating lettuce is over three times worse in greenhouse gas emissions than eating bacon," said Paul Fischbeck, professor of social and decisions sciences and engineering and public policy. “Lots of common vegetables require more resources per calorie than you would think. Eggplant, celery and cucumbers look particularly bad when compared to pork or chicken.”

[and. . .]

     "However, eating the recommended 'healthier' foods — a mix of fruits, vegetables, dairy and seafood — increased the environmental impact in all three categories: Energy use went up by 38 percent, water use by 10 percent and GHG emissions by 6 percent.
     'There’s a complex relationship between diet and the environment,' Tom said. 'What is good for us health-wise isn’t always what’s best for the environment. That’s important for public officials to know and for them to be cognizant of these tradeoffs as they develop or continue to develop dietary guidelines in the future.' "

So consider going to Callaro's and try a pulled pork sandwich and meet the awesome staff just waiting to assist you: