Friday, April 22, 2016

More on "civility" and a stroll down memory lane: A mayor burned in effigy and names on bullets.

A less-than-stalwart Lake Worth commissioner made the front page of the Post a little while ago. His effort to confuse and create a panic in the community with his cryptic message of "burden of safety" failed miserably. Why? Because Vice Mayor Maxwell called out Commissioner McVoy right then on the dais. See that in the video below:
The comments made by Mr. Parrilla in the video below are what seemingly have commissioners Ryan Maier and McVoy both cringing with fear (this link will further explain the dramatically emotional moment):
Very briefly, this is about an unfortunate incident, a breach of protocol by Maier, at the recent Gay Pride Parade in the City. Mr. Parrilla was a witness to what occurred and let his feelings be known in public comment.

On the subject of civility, let's take a stroll down memory lane to September 9th, 2014, at a City Commission meeting where Mr. Bob Lepa and Ms. Peggy Fisher, as members of the general public exercised their right to Free Speech:
They both spoke about this image that appeared in another blog here in our charming City:
On that blog this was a GIF (moving action) image depicting Mayor Triolo "engulfed in flames".
Another charming image from the same blog. Greg Rice, Loretta Sharpe, Mary Lindsey, and Your's Truly's name on a bullet.
The search for "civility" by Maier and McVoy is more about not wanting to hear Free Speech from people they disagree with than any real call for civility. Why? Because if they truly cared about civility they would have both roundly denounced the images above.

But they never did.