Wednesday, May 6, 2015

[In print edition today!] Liz Balmaseda from Post with food review of Benny's on the Beach

[For the digitally challenged, the review of Benny's is in the Accent section of the Post, page D2; make sure to check out those 'Beach Breads' and let me know what you think.]

Great review of Jeremy Hanlon's new "beach breads". Check out the review by Liz Balmaseda here.
     In the kitchen, Jeremy Hanlon can be as inventive as he is pragmatic. To wit: The chef-partner at Benny’s on the Beach has introduced a nifty sandwich wrapping at his Lake Worth oceanfront eatery.
     “Beach Bread,” he calls it. It’s a waffle creation that folds like a pita. But before you go and call it a waffle taco, you should know this bread was inspired by the chef’s childhood days spent on the Jersey Shore, noshing on waffle sundaes.
     Now, after experimenting with yeast in the bread dough, Hanlon offers an entire Beach Bread menu that includes six savory sandwiches and two sweet ones.
Benny's on the Beach is located at the Lake Worth Pier for those of you unaware. Make sure you go and check out Jeremy Hanlon's new creations and if you see Joseph Thompson III make sure to wave "Hi!"