Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jonathan Beaton at CBS12/WPEC, despite the Orson Welles impression. . .

Jonathan Beaton does a real good news segment in West Palm Beach about the bike valet service at Sunfest. He's still transitioning from radio to TV news, though. I still remember his first news segment for WPEC; it sounded like a rendition of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds.

Here is the link to the segment and I encourage everyone interested in West Palm Beach's efforts to better integrate walkability and bikeability into their current and future planning to watch.

Here is an excerpt from the text of Jonathan Beaton's news segment:
     CBS 12 found out valet services are being offered for bicyclists, who may now drop their rides off right in front of the festival’s gates, which officials hope will relieve traffic congestion.
     Promoting health, staying green, and keeping traffic moving are just a few of the benefits Teneke James with the West Palm Beach Development Authority touts [emphasis added] with cruising to SunFest on your two-wheeled ride.
     “West Palm Beach is growing. It’s becoming more pedestrian and bike friendly,” said James.
     The free program isn’t new but we’re told it’s catching on fast. Already 4,300 people have taken part in years past.
     It’s a sensible, practical option that officials hope continues to be used to combat our dependency on driving.
You can also read about this at the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority. You can see the promotion of a bike valet service is an effort to get the public used to the idea. And a great idea it is. It's free now but eventually a small fee will be added. This is in context with All Aboard Florida service and the Coastal Link after that.