Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[UPDATE] Remember. . . at the City Commission: Don't get angry if anyone acts rude or belligerant! Just smile and be polite.

Check back today and later this week for videos of last night's (4/19) City Commission meeting. Mayor Triolo wasn't able to attend and commissioner's Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy took full advantage of that and used more of their delay tactics to force items to a later meeting. You'll be very interested in the 2016 Legislative Update given by State Senator Jeff Clemens and Representatives Dave Kerner and Lori Berman. A 'neighborhood' president continues to unhinge and you'll be amazed at the rules they've put in place to curb Free Speech. Mind-boggling.

Read on about the opportunists that, for the most part, didn't show up and pay special attention to the video below—an example of how people shouldn't act when they hear something incredulous at public comment:

There's always the possibility opportunists could try and use any Lake Worth City Commission meeting as a platform to try and gain or draw attention to themselves. And take into consideration Cara Jennings' video from Gainesville that's lost the public's attention, this would be the perfect chance for her to reignite that media flame, once again. And then there will be those few with red and white shirts who oppose almost everything. This time it's Spring Training Braves baseball.

But whatever you do, don't get angry or simply react if you're treated rudely by the "oppose everything" group. That's what they want you to do. Get angry. So what do you do? Smile and wave. Be polite. Offer to get them a glass of cold water. Just be nice.

For instance, the video below is a good example of how not to react: The woman in the video, a staunch 'conservative Republican', starts off by saying, "the reason why Cara Jennings was such a good commissioner" and almost the entire room broke out in either laughter or disbelief. It was a visceral and quick reaction. I'm not blaming anyone, you see, just be a little more careful next time when you hear something so incredulous:
And as to Cara Jennings being "such a good commissioner" there's that little matter of the Greenwashing at the Lake Worth Casino back in 2009/210. Just one example of many that don't square with what the woman in the video said.


Anonymous said...

LynnA is as conservative as Jane Fonda. The last election proved that once and for all. She campaigned for an anarchist running for city commission. Hello.

Anonymous said...

She is Queen of Denial.

Despite being provided via the mail, directly to her house, which she acknowledged she received... all the documentation required for a normal human being to comprehend just who Ryan Hartman was, his mission of anarchy and who he was supported by, she continued to publicly worship the ground he walked on and chose to ignore factual history on these disrupters.

At the end of it all, I think she made herself look like a huge fool. As well as being of deliberately obtuse, ignorant and complicit in perpetrating a fraud upon the city and its citizens. Thank God he was not elected!

Anonymous said...

Maier is really nasty. He is mean and accusatory every meeting. I dread the upcoming election because he will get much nastier.

Anonymous said...

Maier was extremely rude to Maryann Polise and Herman Robinson when they tried to be nice to him during public participation. This was after Maier made some nasty comments implying Maryann and Herman had been mean to him. What didn't Maier understand about running for PUBLIC office?