Saturday, April 23, 2016

The New Times' "19 Best Environ- mentalists in South Florida" and you won't believe who is NOT on the list

The Broward/Palm Beach New Times' website is so full of ads and come-ons of late it might slow down your computer quite a bit but if you want to check out who the "19 Best Environmentalists" are use this link. If you're not interested in learning who they are this might intrigue you: 2 of the 19 are from Lake Worth and both were heavily involved in the failed campaign to get the Anarchist Ryan Hartman a seat on the Lake Worth City Commission.

Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, if you didn't know, beat Hartman in a runaway landslide. Anyhow, can you guess who the two "Best Environmentalists" in Lake Worth that made the list?

But. . . guess who wasn't on the list? Brace yourself. Drew Martin of Lake Worth.

Below is a list, just "off the top of my head" of what Mr. Martin has done lately:
  • Martin is a regular at meetings about the Ag Reserve
  • He's also a regular at Palm Beach County (PBC) Commission meeting and makes public comment quite often
  • Not a Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) goes by without his attendance
  • He was, and maybe still is, an elected official here in PBC; although the position has no salary
  • How many presentations on "sheet flow" have we all been given?
  • Not a week goes by, it seems, Martin doesn't have a letter to the editor or "Point of View" in The Palm Beach Post
And the list could go on and on. How did this happen that Martin didn't make the list?